Deli-Style Italian Sandwich

The Italian Sandwich makes it possible to create a summery sandwich that's nutritious, satisfying, flavorful, and best of all, SIMPLE for working moms.

Last week I posted about BLTs, those awesome sandwiches that perfectly meld the flavors of bacon, lettuce and summer-fresh tomatoes. Then, this weekend we went to a friend’s house for a small get-together. She served the most amazing Italian sandwiches, and it got me thinking how under-appreciated the Italian sandwich is as a quick and easy dinner food.

I’m so used to slapping together PB&J or balogna and cheese for my daughter’s lunch every day that I forget it’s possible to make a dinner sandwich that’s nutritious, satisfying and not just an attempt to cram some protein and fiber into a kid-friendly, portable package.

The secret to my friend’s sandwich is fresh, quality ingredients. If you work near a deli, you could pick these items up over lunch.


Amounts will depend on number of people you’re serving (and how hungry they are.)

  • Loaf of Italian or French bread (bakery-style)
  • Mayonnaise (or pesto, if you have some on hand)
  • Salami, sliced
  • Soft cheese (Havarti or Provolone), sliced
  • Red onions, sliced
  • Red peppers, sliced (or a jar of roasted red peppers)
  • Fresh basil leaves (arugula is good, too)


  1.  The bread is especially important–she uses a nice, long crusty/chewy loaf.
  2. Cut it through the middle so you have two long pieces, then slather on a bit of mayonnaise and/or some pesto. (I usually have fresh pesto on hand in the summer, but you can buy it ready-made.)
  3. Next, layer salami with a soft, mildly aggressive cheese. My friend recommends havarti or provolone.
  4. Add some thin slices of red onion and red bell pepper (roasted red peppers from a jar work well).
  5. The final touch–the one that really makes this sandwich, I think–is fresh basil leaves in place of lettuce. We grow basil on the back patio since it’s so low-maintenance but, again, you can always get it at the store. You only have to use a few leaves to get a wonderful spicy, fresh flavor.
  6. Cut your long sandwich into pieces big enough to hold, and then serve with a bit of ready-made pasta salad. Summery, satisfying and simple!

4 thoughts on “Deli-Style Italian Sandwich

  1. Sounds yummy! I think I’ll make something like that for lunch.

  2. inadvertentgardener says:

    Sandwiches can be totally amazing. While at BlogHer, I met Kathy of Panini Happy, a blog that celebrates the oozy, gooey, melty kind, but I also spotted a great veggie sandwich recipe yesterday on 24 Boxes, a blog that was new to me and that focuses on using veggies from the CSA boxes the blog writer gets. This salami-and-pesto option sounds incredible!

  3. Sandwiches can make a nice meal any time of the day!! Thanks for the tasty tip!

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