Tasty Tuesday – June 10, 2008

Feeling high and dry in the quick and easy recipe department, I went online in search of inspiration. And I just HAVE to share with you what I found when I Googled “Easy Kid Friendly Summer Recipes.”

Are you ready?

One of the first recipes to come up was from Epicurious.com. The description says it’s “a great afternoon snack.” Yeah, if I wanted my daughter to be obese, hyperactive and on her way to a diabetic coma.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: Caramelized Chocolate, Banana and Marshmallow Sandwiches. That’s right. You layer chocolate, marshmallow and banana between slices of buttermilk bread that have been slathered with butter and brown sugar. Then you CARAMELIZE IT!!! Now I’ve been to Scotland, where they deep fat fry everything, including candy bars, but that didn’t make my teeth and tummy hurt as much as just thinking about this recipe does.

I guess you could make the case that this “great afternoon snack” is healthy, since it does contain bananas, but… wow. I checked out the comment section, and while most people raved, the last comment made me laugh out loud: “This is a snack only a stoner could enjoy.”

So. I suppose I should redeem this post in some way, huh? How about we share some of our quick, easy and HEALTHY summer snack ideas? I’ll go first! My daughter loves it when we roll turkey and swiss cheese slices in tortillas with a little mustard and mayo. Turkey roll-ups! Great for lunch or for a snack!

Now it’s your turn. What do you whip up when the kids want a healthy summer treat?

13 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – June 10, 2008

  1. That’s too funny! I love that they claim it’s healthy because of the bananas. Which are one of the highest fruits on the glycemic index.

    Our favorite summer snack is Angel food cake topped with Cool Whip (the fat free is actually quite yummy) and fresh-picked strawberries.

  2. Frozen blueberries and strawberries have become a year-round treat in our house, after discovering my 4 year old daughter’s affection for them while making blueberry pancakes one winter morning and noticing her helping herself to the frozen blueberries sitting on a bowl on the counter.

  3. I’ve been throwing yogurt, frozen fruit (slightly thawed in the microwave) and a little milk into the blender for smoothies. Zoe loves those. It’s especially a good way to use up old bananas, too.

    I always loved frozen blueberries and frozen grapes when I was a kid.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Frozen ‘ices’, smoothies made from yogurt and frozen fruit, cool whip and berries, low fat pretzel sticks….

    My son defines ‘picky eater’. He eats about 8 foods- truly. Some of my friends go on and on about his limited menu. I ask, “what doesn’t my son eat that your child does”? The answers: hot dogs, hamburgers, mac ‘n cheese, fried chicken, mashed potatoes….WOW! That is some healthy ‘eatin for a toddler!

    While it might be a limited menu, my son eats, largely, a healthy- if not limited diet, snacks included.

  5. Homemade popcorn. Just use your stock pot with a lid. 2 tbs oil and half cup of kernels on med-high heat. Just start to shake the pot on the burner when the kernel start popping. In about 5 minutes you have a healthy snack. All the popcorn needs is a little salt – no butter or anything else. It makes a giant bowl – enough for the whole family.

    WAY better than the microwaved junk.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hummus – 1 can of chick peas and a tablespoon of olive oll, toss in the blender. My kids love to dip pretzels, carrots, crackers, etc., and it’s healthy.

    Blend veggies into cream cheese (spinach, tomatoes, bell peppers) and spread onto sandwiches with turkey or ham. Or roll into tortillas and slice into pinwheels.

  7. Stella Blue says:

    My one year old loves edamame, or vanilla yogurt with pureed fruit.

    My special treat is lemon or lime aid with frozen berries. I use them like ice cubes!

    @Robyn – that’s the *only* way to make popcorn. YUM!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh, and one more;

    spread your favorite yogurt between two graham crackers and freeze. I make a tray of them and keep it in the freezer, it’s an easy, healthy dessert all week.

  9. Smoothies are the tops with the boys. We buy large bags of frozen fruit at SAMs. I mix it with some fresh fruit and juice, blend and voila. Tasty treats.

  10. These are some great ideas! I’ll have to try… because all I hear is “Can I have some gummies?” I hate gummies!

  11. Hey Cara, can I have some gummies?

  12. meauxjeaux says:

    personally, i love the idea of caramelized chocolate, banana and marshmallow sandwiches – all of my favorite things in one convenient location. of course, i’ve gained 8 pounds in the last 6 weeks and am starting not to care what i put in my body. but that attitude isn’t for everyone. if it is, today’s M&M newsletter had a great sister recipe for father’s day called banana pancake eruption that involves milky ways. cholesterol levels and heart health be damned. check it out: http://www.brightideas.com/fathersday/recipes/r_1870_1.jsp

  13. That comment was hilarious!

    We do a lot of fruit because it is convenient and we can take it with us. Otherwise, it is crackers and cheese 🙂 Yeah, I’m a fun mom like that 😉

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