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Grocery shopping is one of the many regular errands I dislike. Nothing tasty about it. It’s just so … perfunctory. You go, you put crap in your cart, you battle old and slow people in the aisles, you suffer through the annoying lines when only one freaking cashier is working. Blah!

So lately I’ve been seriously considering buying groceries online. Obviously not fresh produce or milk, but why not get the major stuff this way? Diapers, cereal, cleaning products, mac ‘n’ cheese, all the non-perishables. Then I could just swing by Trader Joe’s or Fresh Market periodically for the fresh or frozen stuff, and leave the rest to Amazon.

I looked into Amazon’s Grocery Store and here’s what I found out:

  • More than 22,000 non-perishable items–and growing every day
  • All items eligible for free shipping
  • Great everyday prices on your favorite brands
  • Shipped to your door, just like any other purchase
  • Subscribe and Save program saves you 15% on items you use routinely.

  • Suh-weet! This sounds tasty. I think I’m going to try it. Have you done online grocery shopping? How has it worked out for you?

    6 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Online

    1. I would rather clean every bathroom in the house with my own toothbrush than grocery shop, so I am definitely going to check this out!

    2. I actually don’t mind grocery shopping — I love to look at food and see what’s new — but the pleasure I get from it is dependant on the store. Kroger’s isn’t a fun experience because it’s so utilitarian — and I do agree with Susan, manuevering the aisles and check out is a pain! — but I do like going to Trader Joe’s or Fresh Market. At TJs and FM, it’s entertainment for me (but it’s pretty expensive entertainment!).I just love food and it’s a “food experience.”

    3. I am up for anything that saves time and keeps me out of the grocery store (I must confess that my DH does most of our grocery shopping though).

    4. Anonymous says:

      Most grocery stores have no soul, and I hate them. Go to Findlay Market, smell a whiff of the surrounding filth, let your kid play with the juggler and hang out to with the musicians. The food there is more inspiring, you want to leave and cook. Your disdain for traditional grocery chains grows more and more with each visit. Go to Sam’s for the big box stuff you have to get, go to Findlay for a great reminder that produce really doesn’t have to feel like a slightly invasive police frisk and food is better with inspiration.

      – DH

    5. Anonymous says:

      I’ve been a frequent shopper at for a while now. I have three kids at home so fitting in a trip to the grocery store is no small task. I love having the nice delivery guy bring my groceries (produce included) from the truck to my kitchen counter! On the other hand, I have a strange addiction to produce tasting and buying. I might have to try amazon for the dry goods.

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