Easy Diet Soda Cupcakes

Need something fast and simple to bring to a work or school party? Try this diet soda cupcakes recipe with Cool Whip "frosting"-- super easy and light, too.

So, it’s late on Monday night and you realize you have to provide cupcakes for the little one’s classroom the next morning. If you have a box of cake mix, a can of diet coke, and some cool whip, you’re set for a low(er) fat treat the kids are sure to love. I picked up this diet soda cupcakes recipe from the Weight Watchers message boards back when I did a stint with Weight Watchers. It’s pretty easy, and got rave reviews when I brought it in for a work function.

What you need:
A box of chocolate cake mix
One can of diet soda
Cupcake pan & wrappers
Low Fat Cool Whip

What do do:
Instead of egg, oil, butter, or whatever else the cake directions call for, substitute a can of diet coke. Mix the chocolate cake mix and one can of diet coke together. Dispense into cupcake pan. Bake as directed on the box. When cool, top cupcakes with low-fat Cool Whip. Using Cool Whip as an icing can get a little tricky if the cupcakes are still warm, so make sure they are completely cooled before attempting. I know I sometimes jump the gun on the “cooling” part of baked treats, but if you do it here, you’ll give give yourself a headache.

You can also use a yellow cake mix with a can of diet lemon-lime soda. Or maybe devil’s food cake with diet cherry soda. Mix it up–but be forewarned. Not all concoctions are as tastebud pleasing as the old diet coke and chocolate cake standby.

4 thoughts on “Easy Diet Soda Cupcakes

  1. Sounds delicious. Must try it and to think all those years I spent mixing all the stuff when I could have just substituted a can of diet coke !!

  2. Mmmmm… That sounds delish!!

    I wonder if you could do the same thing with regular Coke. It would defeat the whole fewer calories thing, but it could be yummy.

  3. Yum, I’ll have to try this. I have a Weight Watchers recipe for a chocolate raspberry cake that is awesome, too… I love WW recipes!

  4. I make this all the time as a WW member…love it!

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