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Tasty Tuesday – Let’s Do Breakfast for Dinner!

Recipe and photo from

Now that we’re back from Thanksgiving–back to work, back to school, back to the whirlwind of daily activities–I’m finding it harder to get inspired at dinnertime. Last night I served hotdogs. Tacos are also on the menu for sometime this week.

One thing I do enjoy when I’m feeling “blah” about meals is having breakfast in the evening. I found this recipe on Pinterest for a quiche that uses hash browns for the crust. The recipe actually comes from a blog called bell’alimento, which also is responsible for the lovely photo. Please, check them out and give them some love.

I’m going to try the quiche tonight, and If I’m feeling really indulgent (and willing to clean up the mess it always makes), I might even fix french toast, too. Do any of our readers have go-to meals for times when you simply don’t know (or, frankly, care much about) what to put on the table?

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