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Susan here — not a frequent contributor to Tasty Tuesday, as I’m not much into cooking. But I do love to eat, and in the past few months, have paid a lot more attention to what my family and I eat. That’s when we started trying Amy’s frozen meals.

Celebrating the company’s 20th anniversary this year, Amy’s makes the absolute best frozen meals I have ever tasted. Asian, Indian, burrito, chili–they’re all made “from scratch” with fresh, natural, and organic vegetarian ingredients. I actually enjoy eating these meals–and so does Jay!

That’s the really amazing part. He never liked any other frozen meals, and refused to eat them. Once he tried Amy’s, he started eating them regularly for lunch at work and sometimes for meals at home, too. It’s been a huge help in our quest to eat healthier, even as we’re super busy and pressed for time to cook.

As a family, our top choice is the Amy’s pizza–actually, there are a number of varieties. Cassie loves the cornmeal crust cheese pizza–we sometimes add turkey “pet-eroni” upon her request. At 370 calories per serving (each pizza serves 3), plus a salad, we can enjoy a hot, filling, delicious, and healthy meal, thanks to Amy’s. (The fat content is a bit high, but as long as we stay lean the rest of the day, we’re OK.)

Amy’s makes kids meals with child-sized portions (though I haven’t tried them–I just share mine with Cassie). And for families with allergy issues (gluten, lactose, soy), Amy’s has options, too.

The only drawback to Amy’s is the price. You’ll pay $1 or $2 per meal more than other frozen meals–but to us, the extra cost is totally worth it. Who cares if you got a bargain when your frozen meal tastes nasty?

Cheers to Amy’s for 20 tasty years! Here’s to many more.

2 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday – Amy’s Kitchen

  1. Hey Susan, thanks for the tip! I’m also picky with frozen meals. A few of the Healthy Choice and Lean Cuisine ones I’m okay with, but only a few. I LOVE the Lean Cuisine Butternut Squash. Yummy and lots of veggies.

    I’ve never seen Amy’s before, where do you buy them?

  2. I get them at Kroger in the organic frozen food section (in a completely different part of the store than the rest of the frozen stuff). Amy’s has this list of stores that carry Amy’s products–see if that helps.

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