Tasty Tuesday – November 25, 2008

Hey there! I’ve got way too much I need to accomplish in preparation for Thanksgiving. We’re eating pizza and hotdogs here, partly to get us good and hungry for the turkey feast, but mostly because we’re just so danged busy. I don’t have anything brilliant to post for Tasty Tuesday today, but please feel free to post your own quick and easy Turkey Day recipes in the comments.

Have a wonderful (and tasty) Thanksgiving!

1 thought on “Tasty Tuesday – November 25, 2008

  1. Quick and easy is going to Sam’s Club and buying the Sam’s size pumpkin pie like I did the other night. Of course, it didn’t make it until T-day before it had already been sliced!

    For a good turkey recipe which is not quick and easy, but very tasty, check out my entry at http://www.xanga.com/utlawgirl

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