Tasty Tuesday – November 4, 2007

In July, I posted a recipe for a delicious summer sandwich. Now that the weather’s getting colder, I’m trying out hot sandwich recipes, and last night I made a winner: Italian hoagies.

It seems funny to talk about a sandwich recipe, since sandwiches are, by definition, things you just sort of throw together. But you need to know the ingredients, right? So here’s what I put into my yummy creations, and how I assembled them.

You start with good Hoagie buns. I bought Sarah Lee. Mmmm… they had sesame seeds on them. Separate the top of the bun from the bottom.

Slather a bit of mayo on the bottom. This isn’t really necessary, but I can’t think of many sandwiches that couldn’t be improved by mayo, so I used it. You could even try a bit of Italian dressing for a tangier kick.

Now stack on thin slices of: Ham, salami and pepperoni. Stack it as high as you like.

On top of the meat, lay down some thin onion slices and banana peppers, if you like those things.

Lay down a couple slices of provolone cheese, and sprinkle with a bit of Italian seasoning (basically, basil and oregano).

On the top portion of your bun, slather some ready-made spaghetti sauce. This is a really handy way to use up the leftovers from last night’s pasta meal.

Put the top on your sandwich, then stick it in the oven at 300 degrees until the cheese melts and the bread gets all toasty.


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