Tech Tidbits: Google keeps a family together

googleI have seen a ton of apps for note tracking, calendars and family organization in general, but I haven’t been sold on downloading a separate app for any of them so far. I just can’t find a reason to walk away from Google. Many people only know Google for their search and maybe their free email service (which I love for the way it handles spam!), but there is so much more to Google that our family uses.

With four kids going in four different directions, we found a need to for something to allow us to keep track of everything going on. That’s when we decided to give a shared calendar a try. Since everyone had cellphones, the first thought was to try out Google’s calendar option. This has worked fabulously! We created a shared calendar we named the Family Calendar (orginal, I know!) and gave everyone rights to add things to it – work schedules, class schedules, extra curricular items and birthdays for people we wanted to remember. No more trying to figure out what is going on!

The nice thing is that you can have multiple calendars as well, so everyone could use their personal calendar for things that only they needed to be concerned about. I use my personal calendar for things like a lunch meeting with someone during business hours or reminders for paying bills.

Another nice thing about using Google is that it syncs across all my devices so I see the same thing on my phone as my desktop computer as my laptop. It’s always up-to-date and easy to access.

Google doesn’t stop there for our family. Google Drive has worked fabulous for us as well! It is normal for me to get a text or email from my son with a link to something on Google Drive with a note saying “Mom, can you help me with this school problem? I don’t get it.” or “Do you have any pointers for improving my resume?”. I can take a look at what they are working on and give quick feedback even if we aren’t in the same place.

Of course, there is also Google Tasks, YouTube, contacts, etc… We use them all! It’s free…it’s easy…and it is synced across all of our devices. Some of us have iPhones and some of us have Android products and it works for both. You can’t say that about a lot of the apps that you download.

So, while I am checking out other apps to post about here on the blog, I didn’t think I would be doing justice if I skimmed right past Google without mentioning it here. This is not a paid advertisement at all – simply a mom that loves using Google and thinks that everyone should love it, too! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tech Tidbits: Google keeps a family together

  1. I love Google calendar. We use it at work. I know what when everyone’s appointments are right here and can even see an overview. I didn’t know about Google tasks though. I’ll check into that!

  2. We are Mac heads so we just sync our iCal to the iCloud and it works perfectly. If I change an event in my calendar it pops up on my hubby’s iPhone and visa versa 🙂

  3. Its funny that technology can actually keep a family together right? With all the talk about how technology is breaking up families

  4. You guys are truly a Google Family. I love it, too, and use Google for many things. I have an organizer that hangs on the wall in our kitchen, and each week, I print out a Google calendar of our week so we know what’s going on. When the kids get older, I’m sure they’ll have their own digital versions.

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