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Sample tips from our ebook

While you wait (and hopefully you won’t have to more than a minute or two), check out these example tips from the ebook. They’ll give you a taste of what’s in store:

#29 Stand up for your health.

Recent studies are clear: Sitting for long hours every day isn’t just bad for you, it could be deadly. After reading yet another news story on the dangers of being sedentary, I decided to take notice! For every half-hour that I work, I try to get up and walk around for three minutes. (If you’re in an office building, try going up and down the stairwell or even stepping outside, if possible.) During conference calls, I stand unless I need to sit in order to take notes. And since I work from home quite a bit, I’m even considering investing in a treadmill desk. — Sara Bennett Wealer

#59 Pick your battles.

Save your energy for drama that really matters. Kids want to wear mismatched clothes to school? Coworkers bickering? Mother-in-law being passive aggressive? Take inventory of what’s already on your plate, and decide whether this particular squabble is worth what it could cost you in time and sanity. My favorite mantra these days? “Not my circus, not my monkeys.” And even if they are my monkeys, sometimes it’s healthier to just let them do their monkey business. My second favorite mantra comes from my daughter’s favorite movie: “Let it go!” Sara Bennett Wealer

#76 Bring play into your workplace.

It’s been well-established that play (even in grownups!) helps us be more creative. And being creative, no matter what kind of work you do, inspires breakthrough ideas and thinking that lead to business growth—right? But most workplaces have play programmed out of them, from the gray cubicle walls right down to the white noise machines.

Shake things up by reintroducing your colleagues (and yourself) to some serious fun. At work. (I know, it’s crazy!) Set out a puzzle to work on in the conference room. Invite a yoga or Zumba teacher to lead a session in the office. Ask everyone to donate their kids’ unused Legos and have a contest to see who’s the best master builder. Rotate DJ responsibilities every Friday morning, letting everyone have a turn pumping up their favorite jams over the loudspeakers. Instead of celebrating a win at work with a happy hour, take your team to a macaron bar and learn how to make these tasty treats (eating as you learn). Whatever you do, let the good times roll and see what cool projects or thoughts result from your hard work—er, play.Susan Wenner Jackson