THE GIRL GUIDE Review, and a Reminder to Join Us Tomorrow Night

wmag-hangout-graphic-smallI hope you’re planning to join us tomorrow night (Saturday, June 1, 7 p.m. EST) for our first-ever WMAG live event! We’ll be hosting a Google Hangout with author Christine Fonseca, who’ll chat about her book THE GIRL GUIDE: FINDING YOUR PLACE IN A MIXED-UP WORLD.

THE GIRL GUIDE is a practical handbook that walks tween and teen girls through a journey to discover their “authentic selves” and, in so doing, figure out how to deal with common challenges such as bullying, schoolwork overload and relationships with parents. Every other page features a chart, a journaling exercise, or some other way for the reader to work through her thoughts, feelings and possible strategies when faced with confusing emotions, situations and choices.

I like how methodical this book is. It encourages girls to step back and take a logical approach to challenges. Perspective and restraint are missing from many adult dramas, let alone the kinds of landmines that young girls are facing. I really appreciate how THE GIRL GUIDE breaks everything down, giving girls the tools to make mature decisions based on what they truly think, know and feel, rather than on impulses that come up in the heat of a moment.

Girls who already enjoy writing things down, solving problems and exploring their inner selves will love THE GIRL GUIDE. Girls who take a more “skim the surface” approach to life may need someone to encourage them to stick with the book and focus on the various exercises. If you or your daughter has read THE GIRL GUIDE, tell me what you thought!

And join us tomorrow at 7 p.m. EST – we’ll be posting the link to the Hangout right here. Hope you can come!

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