The Great Diaper Bag Search


Like most women, I’ve always had an affinity for bags and shoes. When I was pregnant, I saw a woman with a humongous, ugly diaper bag, and I swore to myself that my diaper bag would be cute—not huge, not ugly, not dumpy, but CUTE. Superficial? Maybe, but if it makes me happy, it makes me happy.

Anyway, my first diaper bag purchase was from Target. It was cute. Simple, black, and could be mistaken for a purse—just as long as no one looked inside and spotted the diapers, baby clothes, bibs, spit rags, and other miscellenaous baby things. It was inexpensive, too. Actually, I should call it cheap, because it was—both in price and in quality. It barely lasted six months of regular use before the lining started pulling away from the bag and stitching started to fray around the outside. My beloved Target bag started to come apart at the seams—literally—about three months ago. I’ve been on the search for a replacement bag ever since.

When we got the offer to review Kipling bags, I was excited. Surely a brand such as Kipling would have something cute and functional—and who could beat FREE? But, as you read in my review, the bag didn’t quite live up to expectations.

As luck would have it, a few days after I decided I could not carry the Kipling bag anymore on daily outings, Kate Spade sent me an email about her sample sale. Ah Kate, always looking out for me. I clicked away and starting looking for diaper bags—surely a bag designer as well known as Kate would make a functional, cute, quality diaper bag. I quickly found one for a reasonable price—considering it was a Kate Spade diaper bag, after all—and placed my order.

Again, I’m sorely disappointed. The design of the bag kinda sucks. Again, it’s cute, but the way the bag opens blows. It’s hard to get anything into the bag. I often scrape my hand on the zipper. Finding things? Even more difficult. I have to squeeze my hand in the bag (to avoid any nasty zipper cuts) and blindly root around to find things. The bag just doesn’t open up big enough for me to actually LOOK for what I’m searching for. Kate Spade, you let me down. I was hoping with use, the bag opening would loosen up and I could open it more easily—so far not so good.

So, I’m off on another diaper bag hunt. Please assure me, WMAGers, I can find a cute and functional bag that doesn’t require me spending more than $100. Any suggestions for stylish diaper bags out there? I’m desperate!

Is it possible to find a cute, functional diaper bag that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? After trying Kipling and Kate Spade, we're still on the hunt.

17 thoughts on “The Great Diaper Bag Search

  1. Tela, I have a Vera Bradley diaper bag and I love it. It has lots of pockets inside and out, lots of storage and even holds all the stuff we need for an overnight at grandma’s. And it is machine washable!

    We also have a skiphop ‘Duo’ bag, which I also love. It has a nice shoulder strap and also has straps to hang the bag from the stroller so it is easily accessible when you are out and about.

    Both come in lots of cute colors and patterns. Hope one of these might be good for you!

  2. Modern Mama says:

    I did a ton of research into my diaper bag. I was striving for the stylish, yet prepared mom thing. I settled on a delightful OiOi bag. It is charcoal gray polka dots with some turqoise accents. I think it was a bit over $100 but it looks fabulous and works well. I have had people tell me they like my bag, without knowing it was filled with baby paraphernalia. You can find them on a number of sites or on their own site. Next though I swear I am going all out with a Coach diaper bag. (If I can get my husband to agree).

  3. just4ofus says:

    Girls. Unless you are loaded and have money to waste, do not buy an expensive diaper bag. It is what it is.. a diaper bag. You will carry this for about 2.5 years (if that) and they don’t need all that garb, you will be so happy to throw a few wipes and a diaper into your purse.
    I quit carrying a diaper bag… about 2 years ago when Lily became 1 year old. (now my purse is quite large… and fashionable I might add.
    So don’t waste your time and money unless you plan on popping out 4-10 kids.
    Then have at it you deserve it.

  4. Modern Mama says:

    Hey even large expensive purses aren’t worth it, but if they make you smile, what’s the harm?

  5. Selfmademom says:

    It is more than $100, but I just got a Storksak bag, and it looks like a purse, but has the functionality of a diaper bag. Insulated sippy cup pockets!! I love it… but it’s a little pricey, I realize.

  6. SapphireLizard says:

    Over my diaper bag years, I went through at least 5 diaper bags. When I had my first, they didn’t make nearly as many of these fancy bags, so I started with the classic Eddie Bauer bag. It held up well, but I always thought it was a bit bulky. I downsized to one of their smaller bags, but it was too small.

    The only other one that really stands out is the Wendy Bellissimo messenger bag. The messenger style was nice because sometimes I just had to flip the flap closed and go. There were many pockets…almost too many though. It was a dark denim with a brown leather strap that was accented with some kind of rhinestone-like sparkles. The fabric took a beating and held up. The dark denim disguised a good deal of food and beverage mishaps. The inside was lined and could be wiped clean. Through my usage, the lining remained intact. I think I paid about $40 for it. Its still in great condition would be great to pull out if we have another little one.

  7. I got a Kate Spade diaper bag as well, and it was horrible. Yikes! Now I just carry a Vera Bradley tote. It holds my wallet and other stuff, plus a few diapers. Works well and only cost $40.

  8. ville tikkanen says:

    hi there!

    i am a home daddy from finland and became very delighted to find your blog. keep going strong, mommies! 🙂

  9. emily2200 says:

    you need a break…I went to Pampered Passions just to win the Bahamas trip. But their stuff is actually pretty. Once you get past the women – just think playboy. The lingerie is beautiful and they have a place where you can put your wish list and just point him toward it. Cool.

  10. My kids are out of the diaper bag stage (17 and 12), but good luck on your hunt! I like your honesty!

  11. Anonymous says:

    After going through about 40 diaper bags in my daughters 22 months, I found nirvana in Lexie Barnes bags. For a small day bag, the Darling is great and for a bigger all day trip kind of bag, the Superstar. They can be pricey, but if you check out the Babybags group on Yahoo, there are always some for sale. It’s a great group of women who just love bags.

    Hope this helps,

  12. I'm crazy about my Zosephine diaper bag in orange. They have monthly giveaways for Facebook fans, too.

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