The Great Leap Forward

I have arrived into the new age of wireless phone technology, people! This is a day to celebrate.

My old cell phone–known by some as a “mo-bile” (pronounced like “bile,” as in stomach bile)–was an utter embarrassment. The old POS Nokia that I carried in my purse for, oh, I don’t know, five years or something (!) made and received phone calls. That was it. Text messaging? Yeah, I guess, if I wanted to invest a bunch of time getting into the 4,000 menus it took to create or receive a text message. Anything else that pretty much everyone else does on their super-cool phones? Naw.

It wasn’t really the lack of functionality that pushed me to get a new phone, though. It was the schoolyard teasing. When someone spotted my phone poking up out of my purse, they visibly winced. “I didn’t know they even MADE phones like that anymore!” “Hey, does that double as a garage-door opener?” “Susan, 1995 called and it wants its cell phone back.” Ouch. Ouch. And ouch.

Once I told my husband, Mr. Technology Guy, that I was ready to bite the bullet and invest in a new mo-BILE, he kicked into his usual tech overdrive. He did all the research, asked around, and after several days, advised me to get an LG enV smartphone. I knew I wanted a phone that could handle web browsing and email. Other than that, everything else was sort of optional.

Then, I watched a video review of the enV. I was SOLD. What doesn’t this phone do? Here’s the rundown:

  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Large internal screen
  • Dual stereo speakers
  • External memory port
  • 2.0 megapixel camera & camcorder with autofocus and lens cover
  • Bluetooth® stereo support for listening to music
  • Slimmer and lighter weight design

Plus, with Verizon’s premium monthly service, I get V CAST music and video, GPS Navigator (OMG, so amazing!), text, picture, instant, and video messaging. I am really living now.

Schoolyard teasers, you won’t have Susan Jackson–or her mo-BILE phone–to kick around anymore!


4 thoughts on “The Great Leap Forward

  1. Let me be the first to congratulate you!!! I recently upgraded to a TREO and I am in heaven. I can’t imagine not being able to access my email or even Twitter from my phone. I feel so spoiled.

  2. just4ofus says:

    I still have the old free phone from Cincinnati Bell. See you aren’t the only one.
    I will continue to have the free phone b/c I can’t justify spending money like that on me.
    Jason had the free phone too for a long time.
    Hey this will make you feel better… my digital camera is 2megapixels.. LAME.
    I just am cheap.

  3. FreshHell says:

    I am still cell-phone free.

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