The Moment

I’ve been having a hard time dropping O off at daycare lately. I suspected it was because he’s at a “fun” age now—walking, signing, beginning to talk. I’m not longer consumed with bottles and pumping and trying solids and sleep schedules and whatnot.

But then a few weekends ago, it really hit me. Instead of watching him play or helping him play, we actually play together these days. And somewhere between making animal sounds, dancing around, and stacking blocks, I realized I was actually having fun. I wasn’t trying to teach O anything, and I wasn’t thinking about household chores or work projects. We were just living in the moment, like only kids can.

I’m trying to live “in the moment” as much as I can these days. Maybe it’s the season, I don’t know. But I do know that I’ve read numerous articles and blog posts, heard warnings from others, and watched television shows about it. It being the simple fact that “children grow up too fast.”

I can’t prevent time from marching forward, but I can prevent “future Tela” from saying “I wish I would’ve done this, I wish I would’ve done that.” I hear too many other people “wishing.” I am going to try hard not to let myself be one of them.

And maybe I’ll come back and re-read this post from time to time to remind myself of letting go, having fun, and living in the moment.

2 thoughts on “The Moment

  1. I know exactly how you feel, T. I try to soak up every moment I get to spend with Cassie and feel grateful for it. She is so much fun to play with and explore the world with. It’s like a reward for all the tantrums, fussy times, and other hassles of parenthood.

  2. Justice Jones says:

    I am guilty of not appreciating or focusing on the moment as often as I should. Just yesterday, after I took Oldest to free play at the kids gym, he was kind enough to remind me of this. While he played I did some work. Most of the parents were there with little toddlers and were on the floor playing with their children. I was consumed in my world. Afterwards, Oldest said he wished I played with him “like the other parents.” Yikes. We went home and took an evening bike ride in the dark and checked out all the Christmas lights in our neighborhood. WE had a great time.

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