The Moral: Make the Call

The kids were really bummed that no one back home (Wapakoneta) was doing Thanksgiving this year. That meant, they wouldn’t have one. So, I volunteered to cook for them. I invited my niece over and my sister – though my sister made tons of excuses and I wasn’t expecting her. Then, the day before, when I was preparing to go grocery shopping, I thought I should call her and check so I had a head count to know how much to buy.

While sitting there, I decided I should be the bigger person and invite my mom down, thinking she wouldn’t drive all this way. My mom and I haven’t been on the best terms for years now.  But, I called her and invited her and she actually said she would drive down. Then, I felt like I better invite my brother because I didn’t want him to think I invited everyone but him. He has not been to my house the 5 years I have lived down here so I didn’t think he would come. Well, he decided to come.

So then I call my sister to let her know they were coming and she decided to come! LOL I was like “Oh lawd! This $100 meal just turned into a $400 meal!” LOL Then, I find out that my brother’s daughter was coming with them and my other brother’s daughter (the brother that passed away) was coming, too! Yowsa! THE WHOLE FAMILY WAS COMING!

Then, I realized I don’t even have enough seats to sit that many people! hahahaha So off I went to the store to buy groceries, a couple of card tables and some folding chairs. $439 later – I had everything bought. Gah! But I did end up getting a pretty nice meal together.

So – even though mom and I have not been on the best terms, I reached out for my kids and it turned into a great Thanksgiving that would not have happened if I hadn’t made the phone call. Kids were so happy and I was pleased to have everyone come and enjoy the day.

Now – left-overs for a week! hahahaha Hope everyone else had a great holiday!

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