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I was really lucky to receive the Nintendo Wii recently. If you haven’t heard, the Wii is probably the hottest video game system around. Read on to see why and how we became Wii-ers.

First off, let me say my family isn’t big on video games. My husband actually hates them. He’s an outdoorsy kind of guy who thinks video games are evil. A little extreme, if you ask me, but he’s entitled to his opinion. Our kids, who are ages 5 and 3, have some experience with video games. They sometimes play games on, Webkinz, and Club Penguin. I’m not sure if these really count as “video games.” But, I did get my son a LeapFrog Leapster last year, thinking the educational aspect looked beneficial. Yet, they ended up being a little too difficult for him, and he lost interest pretty quick.

So, when it came to Playstation, Xbox, or whatever else is out there–we had no interest in them whatsoever. Especially because our kids are young, and they’re not asking for any video games now. Plus, honestly, when they do want one, other than the “evil” aspect, video games are known to produce little couch potatoes. And that’s something we definitely want to avoid.

However, here’s when my opinion started to change. I saw a local news segment a couple months ago about a retirement home whose elderly residents loved the Wii. The program director raved about it, and how she thought the residents were really benefiting from both the active and social aspect of this video game. Well, go figure… Old people always pull your heartstrings! After seeing this and hearing from friends about how much they loved the Wii, I started to think maybe–just maybe–the Wii could be for us.

So when the Wii showed up on our doorstep, I was pretty excited to try it and see if it was all it was cracked up to be. Here’s what we like about it so far.

It’s Active
What makes the Wii different than other game systems is you really get into the action or the experience. Most of the games have you off the couch and moving. Wii Sports comes with the Wii system, and requires you to mimic the same moves you’d perform if you were really playing baseball, tennis, bowling, golf, and boxing. And the boxing game really is a workout!

It’s Easy
The Wii is sooo simple to play. Both my 5-year old and 3-year old were able to pick up the controller and figure out what to do. The only game they had difficulty with is bowling. I’m assuming other Wii games aren’t as simple as Wii Sports. But, maybe I’m wrong?

It’s So Much More
Another great surprise is it’s more than just a video game system. With the Wii and our wireless internet connection, we can surf the net from our TV. Plus, with the help from this instructional video, we can now stream music, videos, and photos stored on our PC to the TV, too. When my husband found out he could access his iTunes library, his heart grew three sizes that day.

What I Didn’t Like
My only complaint about the Wii is that it only comes with one controller. You have to buy additional controllers, at about $39.99 each. One controller doesn’t exactly bring the “social gaming experience” the Wii claims. Especially for Wii Sports–you can’t play more than half of the games against a friend unless you have a second controller.

In Conclusion
The Wii has definitely proved to be the video game for us. Even my husband, likes it (especially when he’s whizzing a mean fastball at me in baseball.) I’m already dreaming about additional Wii accessories and games, like the Wii Fit and now… Rock Band!

If you have a Wii, I’m definitely interested in hearing your opinion about it. Please recommend other Wii games you think we should try. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “The Nintendo Wii

  1. I just got the Wii for my husband for his birthday. Hehehe. We love it. We bowl, play tennis and just got Guitar Hero. Oh, and I made my father go wait for the UPS man at the local gamestop to get us a Wii Fit, which I LOVE!!! Guitar Hero is cool. I’m looking forward for us getting the Wii Ski which looks great as well. Oh and my kids love it too. My 5 year old bowled a 196!!

  2. I got a Wii for Mother’s Day. God bless my husband, who so badly wants me to love video games as much as he does. I’ve tried it (like once), and it is cool … for a video game console. But I just don’t like video games. Maybe if I’m a bit tipsy and there’s nothing else to do. Usually though, I’d just rather watch Gilmore Girls or read a book.

  3. We love, love, love our Wii. We have never had a “game system” or whatever they are called, but the Wii is SOOOO different. We got the Wii Fit with the balance board recently. So much fun to “ski” here in San Antonio. My 9 year old is really enjoying Guitar Hero on the Wii as well.

  4. Instead of simply buying another controller, Adam bought the game Wii Play for about $49.99 which comes with a controller. The game is actually about six games (including table tennis, pool, and a funky form of air hockey) that help you fine tune your controller skills. A great deal!

    And you’re right, not all of the games are as easy to pick up as the Wii Sports. The Tombraider is crazily hard, at least for me.

  5. Would give my right arm for a Wii. Would only need one controller then.

  6. Mommy Bits says:

    The other great thing about wii is that you can buy classic nintendo games through it. We bought Super Mario Bros. 2 and a few other classic late 80’s games. It’s great. If you turn the wii controller sideways it doubles as the classic controller.

  7. People are way too harsh about the Wii, yes it’s not as graphically sound as other consoles but really are they any more fun, the Wii has brought a new aspect to gaming and made it really affordable compared to other over priced flashy console. The Wii has made it possible for families to play together again and that has got to be a good thing. Even if your just watching your kids play at least they are moving around! i’ve found a site that’ll give you
    Nintendo Wii deals, probably the best around and i highly recommend the Wii as an alternative to some of the other consoles.

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