The Summer List

Can you believe it’s July already? As usual, the summer is just flying by. And although we did enjoy a Florida vacation in June–there’s so much more I’d like to do before Fall.

I was inspired by Amy’s Summertime List at Her family has already accomplished many of the activities they set out to do this summer.

Thinking about my list, I got a little down. July’s weekends are already booked, and there’s not much chance we’ll fit everything else in before September. Plus, don’t get me started on the all summer home projects we always want to tackle. That list just gets carried over from one summer to the next.

Projects aside, here are the fun things we’d like to do:

1. Go to the pool. We belong to the YMCA, yet we haven’t been to the outside pool at all this year. I did set up the blow-up pool in the backyard last weekend, and the kids at least had a good time playing in that.
2. Go to
Kings Island. Kings Island is a local amusement park that we love to visit at least once in the summer. I’m hoping we’ll go soon since we are staying at Great Wolf Lodge one night, and KI is nearby.
3. Go to a Cincinnati Reds game.

4. Go camping.

5. Go canoing.
Maybe we can combine this with camping?
6. Go to a festival.

7. Visit the zoo.
We’ve been to the Cincinnati Zoo once this summer. But, since we have an annual pass, I’d like to go a few more times.

What’s still on your Summer List?

5 thoughts on “The Summer List

  1. Stella Blue says:

    1. Go hiking – at Red River Gorge if possible
    2. Go to some local festivals (ethnic, church, what have you)
    3. Go to the aquarium (preferably when its 100 degrees and %217 humidity here!)
    4. Take our poor dog to the dog park

  2. – Have various friends over for backyard BBQs.
    – Splash around in the Y kiddie pool.
    – Hit the Zoo on nice days, the Children’s Museum on crappy days.
    – Cool off at Blue Manatee Bookstore for storytime and yummy snacks.
    – Free outdoor concerts in Blue Ash.

  3. stella blue – we love the Red River Gorge. That’s where we go camping. we’re hoping to go in September, now.

    and susan – i’ve always heard great things about the blue manatee… i’ll have to add that to the list, too.

  4. Wow, I am so honored that you featured my list 🙂 Your list looks really great!! It has definitely helped us stay motivated this summer. I tend to get lazy when we are off from school and this has given us a few things to look forward to! Thanks for featuring me, Cara!!

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