The Working Mom and Marriage


My husband Jay and I recently celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We went away to Ravenwood Castle for the weekend in Hocking Hills (located in south central Ohio) while Cassie stayed with her Grandma. It was the first time we spent more than a few hours together alone in a year.


Just being able to be silly, romantic, relaxed–just the two of us–really helped recharge our relationship. We both agreed we need to make our own relationship more of a priority, even though we’re busy with work, Cassie, and the rest of life.


We are the foundation of our family. Keeping “us” solid should remain near the top of our to-do list–not scraping the bottom, just below catching up on work emails and scrubbing the toilets.


One of my favorite new sites, Work It, Mom!, blogged about this topic recently. They asked some tough questions about what effects your work has on your marriage/relationship:

How do you deal with the stress in your marriage or relationship as you perform the difficult juggle between work and family? Do you feel that sometimes you ignore your marriage or don’t invest enough energy into it? Has your work affected your relationship with your partner or spouse?


Recently, work has sapped me of most of my energy during the week. Jay and I try to spend as much quality time together in the evenings as we can, but it’s only on the weekend that we really get a solid chunk of us-time. Still, we both recognize how committed we are–in the short-term and the long-haul.

A few more of our favorite pics from the trip to enjoy …





What about you, WMAGs? Is the combination of working mom and marriage a recipe for fizzled romance, or is it possible to do both well?

5 thoughts on “The Working Mom and Marriage

  1. My husband and I have taken to talking on the phone during his drive home from work. This typically coincides with my daughter’s dinner time, so she is quiet and we can fill each other in on our days without too many distractions (unless you consider traffic and dinner making distracting:).

  2. Scruffy Mummy says:

    As we’re both self employed, me and my partner manage to steal some time off work during the daytime while our sprog is at nursery to talk, go out to lunch and oh yes, have sex! Evenings we’re too tired!! I highly recommend getting a job where you can both each work at home at least some of the time – it really makes a difference. Of course, neither of us make mega bucks – he’s a musican and I’m a freelancer who works with charities as well as life coach but I’d rather have the time than the money!

  3. just4ofus says:

    You are so right. You do need a good marriage and time as a couple to be good parents. It is so hard to find this time, and it is easier away.
    Good for you guys!

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