The Year of Not Sweating the Small Stuff

Hey all!  Ok.  I have been slacking on the posts.  So I thought it was time to jump back in and get things going again!

Through the holidays and into the new year, I made a commitment to myself for 2012.  This will be the year to not sweat the small stuff.  Because, in reality, does all that little stuff really matter?  Does it matter if the clothes are folded wrong or dinner is on a little late?  Does the email really need sent to express your opinion just to express it?  Do the kids really have to have a spotless room every waking moment?

Holidays tend to bring out tensions in a lot of families and so many of us take things personally and lash back.  But this year, I choose not to.  I choose to move past it and focus on the things that really matter – love we have for others and love we freely receive back.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that those little things really aren’t important in the big picture when you are caught up in the midst of what is going on, but those little things cause tensions that add stress to your life and make shuffling all the things going on even tougher to do.

Over the past week, I have spent some quiet time reflecting on what the little things are that I tend to do that really aren’t necessary and cause extra tensions.  Knowing what they are make it easier to focus on not doing them – or at least doing it less!  So here are some of the little things I am going to work on eliminating this year:

  • Sending emails that don’t contribute to a solution
  • Making comments that will only result in hurting someone in some way
  • Reacting too quickly to others’ opinions
  • Going too long without complimenting someone
  • Being too picky on things that only matter to me and not to the grand scheme of things
Are there things you could be focusing less on in your life that could make things a little easier? After all, isn’t the best thing in the world the smile on your children’s face when they are happy? 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Year of Not Sweating the Small Stuff

  1. What a great post! I too am trying to deal with the stressors in every mom’s life and focusing on what really matters. I love your list of things to work on!

  2. This is so great ! I relate so much !! Thanks for the post , reminding me to remember the important things and not stress over the little !

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