Ticket to Ride

This morning I was running an errand before work, and I got pulled over.

OFFICIALLY, the $105 ticket is for a “no turn on red” violation–which I certainly did not do. Basically, I snuck through a really stale yellow in an attempt to clear an intersection after pulling away from a street-side parking space that left me hanging in the intersection in the first place. It happened to be a right-hand turn sneak through, and you can’t turn on red at that intersection. I guess I *could’ve* backed up, but I didn’t really want to and didn’t feel the need.

Yes, I was in a slight rush to get back to my house where O’s dad was watching O so I could run this errand. But recklessly run a red light or make a right-hand turn on red in the face of a sign telling me not to? That I did not do.

Should I fight it? I’m thinking I’m going to. It’s a judgement call, and the guy was sitting there waiting for someone to do something wrong. (I saw him way too late, but I still might’ve done what I did.) Plus, I have NO traffic offenses on my record–and the fine is $105!!! That stings! The only thing that’s (slightly) holding me back is that my court date is after the 7-day period in which I’m supposed to pay my $105 fine. So I’m wondering if I lose the case if I’ll have to pay the $165 or $105.

What would my WMAGs do?

11 thoughts on “Ticket to Ride

  1. I’d give it a shot in court. $105 is definitely worth the effort – especially to keep your license clean.
    But then I can play a pretty believable too-addled-to-punish when I want to. Oh wait! I AM addled.
    Good luck!

  2. just4ofus says:

    The officer has to show up to court and if he doesn’t then all you do is have to pay court fees.
    what’s the likelyhood of him actually coming down there.
    ??? Go for it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Go for it. My mom is in the justice system and many of these contested tickets go for the accused!

  4. Anonymous says:

    wow, that didn’t make sense at all. Sorry.
    Take it to court. there is a good chance it will get thrown out with your driving history being so clean!

  5. SelimaCat says:

    I fought once in a similar situation and lost–it was expensive. I’m not saying you shouldn’t fight it, but it’s not an easy win like many suggest. Good luck. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m leaning toward fighting it, but I’m going to take the weekend to think about it more.

    Selimacat–Tell me more! I need more details. Just how expensive? Double the ticket?

  7. Another thing to think about is the time they’ll schedule the court date. It will be during a weekday, which means you’ll have to take time off of work and get to the courthouse. But, you know $105 might be worth the hassle.

  8. also, if you do decide to fight it, you call the number on the ticket to let them know so you don’t incur the after 7 day late charge…good luck.

  9. Cara–the court date is at 6pm! So no missed work for me.

    Suzi–Dang. If I have to do that, then the chances are the cop might show up, right? That would blow.

  10. It depends on the cop. Some are really good about folowing up on their tickets, and others don’t care. I say contest it. You were in a no win situation.

  11. There was a officer her in a suburb of Detroit who seemed to earn a good deal of his income (+$80,000) from going to court when people fought tickets. In that city the officers were paid overtime for going to court. So he would set up near a stop sign and pull people over for not making the stop. The thing is, some people DID actually stop…however they had no way to prove it so the benefit of the doubt went to the cop. It was a big scandal, but he “technically” wasn’t doing anything wrong since no one could prove it. One person I know even went so far as to park and show how the officer would not even be able to see the stop sign….the cop threatened to give him a ticket since he was not allowed to park on that street……so not to sure if I would fight it, but it depends on the city……sorry for being a windbag lol!

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