Toydozer at work

Too Many Toys

My house is overflowing with toys.

I must have cursed myself back in my pre-kids days, because I was one of those people who would say “Tsk, tsk, kids have too many toys these days. When I’M a mom, my kids will only have a FEW toys. That’s all they need.”


Actually, my former self was kinda right. Kids don’t NEED 5 bajillion toys. They just … end up with them.

Belonging to my freshly turned 6-year-old and almost 3-year-old are many stages, ages, pieces, and parts of toys. Oh, the pieces and parts. Legos. Polly Pockets. Random toys from fast-food meals. Puzzles. Games. Barbies. Cars. Ack!!!

Toydozer at work

One genius invention I was introduced to, in the midst of my attempted Great Toy Cleanup of 2012, is the Toydozer ($18.99, free shipping). Created by mompreneur Amy Bradley, the Toydozer makes clean up time fun, fast, and efficient for you and your kiddo. With a few simple scoops, you can clean up huge amounts of toys at one time and easily dump them back into their storage bins. No more crawling all over the floor in search of every stray small piece. With a few swipes of the Toydozer, clean up time is over in no time.

I got some Toydozers to try for free (thanks!) and my kids had fun with them, particularly when it came to scooping/scraping underneath beds to get all the random toys out. They’re really ideal for lots of little pieces, whether it’s Legos, cars or Polly Pockets.

Now I need an invention that will sort through my many boxes and bags of collected toys, put likes with likes, and take all the outgrown/unplayed-with stuff to Good Will.

Another super product would be a Jetsons-esque Rosie the Robot to put away the remaining toys in organized, labeled bins so my children could easily retrieve their playthings.

Mompreneurs, please invent these things so my house can look nice again! Thank you in advance.

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