Tooth Decay….???

When a filling falls out in the middle of your mother-son playdate, it puts a damper on quality time. And who knew tooth pain feels worse than childbirth?

Having a perfectly normal (well what a single mom might consider calm and normal) Sunday afternoon with my 3 year old – we are nibbling on some cheese and crackers while my 16 year old is away for the weekend.  Suddenly, something happens and it is NOT ‘normal’ … I bite into maybe my third cracker and I crunch down on something NOT a cracker, it feels more like a piece of brick.  Lo-and-behold it is a filling from one of my teeth, it just falls out?  No warning?  Is that how these things happen? Is this what we all have to look forward to?

I am convinced that this is yet ANOTHER sign that I am getting, dare I say it….old.  However, I am a FIRM believer that if I am not aging then I am dead, so really in the grand scheme of things I am happy with aging, I am just not quite happy with my teeth just falling out all willy-nilly whenever they feel like it….I haven’t even hit 40 yet!

This ‘event’ has ruined the quiet time with my son since I have to run to the bathroom to make sure the rest of my teeth are still in order, I have lost ALL appetite and don’t eat another thing until the following day, later in the afternoon when my dentist was able to squeeze me in.  Just another example of when life throws a monkey-wrench into my smooth rotating fan of life (or tooth).

I just wanted to enjoy some cheese and crackers with my little guy and then maybe a movie, but the rest of the day was filled with me being grumpy and just counting the minutes till bedtime so I wouldn’t have to talk and feel any cold air being pulled into my mouth and causing me pain …. child birth is pretty painful (well it was for me – both times), but you get a life you will love and cherish till the end of time.

On the other hand, tooth pain … there is nothing you get out of it in the end except a dental bill – ugh!


2 thoughts on “Tooth Decay….???

  1. Angela, I can relate. I had a cavity last year, and between drilling out the cavity and putting in a crown, there was about 2-3 weeks of SERIOUS tooth pain. It was miserable. Hope you get that fixed up soon, Mama!

  2. All fixed !! But still not ready to chew anything tough – hahaha

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