Tribute to a Mom and Nana


In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re paying tribute this week to our favorite working moms. 

My tribute goes out to my mom, Debbie. She’s been a working mom for as long as I can remember. She’s a nurse for an outpatient surgery center, and has been taking good care of patients for over 25 years. Mom is still working at the same place, putting in four 10-days a week. My mom was always the best, and still is. Here are just a few reasons why she’s tops in my eyes.

  • Mom always put mine and my sister’s needs before hers. Looking back I feel selfish for all the clothes, toys, and “must-haves” she gave us. She didn’t buy a whole lot of anything for herself because she was always putting us first. I wouldn’t say we were spoiled—but Mom definitely made sure her little girls were happy.
  • Mom always made the best dinners. As soon as she walked in the door from work, she’d start cooking. Mom’s dinners were always delicious and homemade. Not heat ‘n serve from the bag or box—and if they were, I guess I didn’t notice. They sure beat the nights Dad made dinner, which was spaghetti with a can of Skyline chili.
  • Mom’s crafty. My mom would make us handcrafted items like dolls and clothes, always putting great detail and love into each piece. In fact, she made my Homecoming Dance dress. Honestly, I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t just get a “scrunchy” dress from Contempo Casuals like all my other friends. My mom was determined to make me a dress—and she did. She worked late nights in front of her sewing machine so I’d have the dress I wanted… maroon velvet with taffeta puffy sleeves. Yep, it was hot.
  • Mom’s the original super-saver. She knows how to sniff out a deal. I owe all my shopper savvy skills to her. I loved deal-hunting with my mom, going to the McAlpin’s Moonlight Sale and sidewalk sales—they all bring back good memories of hanging out with Mom.
  • Mom has always been supportive. Growing up she never made me feel pressured to get good grades in school or to be the star of the sports team. When I went off to college and through my various jobs over the years, she’s always been by my side showing her support for whatever endeavor I’d peruse.
  • Mom’s an awesome Nana. Ever since my Mom became “Nana” to my kids, she’s been an absolute blessing. Every Tuesday (her one weekday off of work) she watches the kids for us. The kids love going to Nana’s house. Weekends, evenings, you name it… she always willing to baby-sit.


Whatda’ mom! Happy early Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you.

2 thoughts on “Tribute to a Mom and Nana

  1. just4ofus says:

    AHHHH.. the Mc Alpins moonlight sales.
    I so remember that! We went many times.

  2. Your mom sounds awesome. We are all so lucky to have such role models.

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