Try a Date Night at Home

Sometimes, it’s easier on our schedule and budget to have a date night at home. We put the kids to sleep and spend a little time together. I thought it might be helpful to share a few of my favorite activities when we have a “date night in.”

See a concert

Get a DVD or stream a live concert from a band you love and watch it together. Turn up the volume, sing along. I love live music and going to concerts is something I don’t get to do much anymore. Stageit is an online concert venue where artists perform live streaming concerts that you can watch the show from your living room and even make requests from the chat window. How cool is that? Live music without the inflated drink prices and dirty restrooms often found at concert venues.

Have a tasting

Get a couple of bottles of wine (or whatever drink you prefer) and taste them with your spouse or partner. Throw in some bread and some cheese (because everything is better with bread and cheese) and take a moment to really explore the flavors of the wine. For a sweeter taste, try different quality chocolates.Talk to each other about what you like and about what you’re tasting.

Make vision boards

Create a board that outlines your priorities as a couple, your goals, your vision for where you want to be. Cut out photos and words from magazines that represent those goals and priorities. Whether it’s a dream vacation or a plan for retirement, take time to get on the same page and make plans to reach your goals.

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