Two Months, Two Worlds

I was proud of my daughter when she announced she had gotten her first job. I was proud of my daughter when she had saved enough money for driver’s education. I was proud to take her for her test and loved the smile on her face when she learned she had passed. I was proud of my daughter when she told me she was ready to buy her first car and loved the excitement in her voice the day we brought it home. I was proud of my daughter for who she is and how hard she works.

Tonight, I argued with my daughter that she is never home and has priorities mixed up. We argued our points of views on how much freedom she should get even with a car for her to drive. We both thought the other wasn’t listening. The night ended with her silently walking away and both of us unhappy with the place we had gotten.

Sometimes I really miss the days when they were small.

Teenagers bring a whole new set of challenges with them. How do you know where the line is between being too strict and too lenient? That is the constant struggle I have while trying to keep them safe, yet free enough to enjoy this time in their life based on doing the right thing.

This week’s challenge: Find a low-cost activity to do with a teenager and remind us both that we do like each other.

I’m still proud of my daughter.

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