Update Your Bookmarks: WMAG Gets Its Own Address

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Working Moms Against Guilt now has a new Web address, so you might want to update your bookmarks:


If you use our former address, http://wmag.blogspot.com, it should simply redirect to our new online home.

And why not take this opportunity to tell all the working moms you know about WMAG? Email them our new link, and I bet they’ll thank you! We certainly do. Have a guilt-free weekend, everybody!

Susan Wenner Jackson

Susan Wenner Jackson is the cofounder and editor of Working Moms Against Guilt. She lives in her hometown of West Chester, Ohio, with her husband, two children, and their dog.

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  1. Hey, ladies!
    I sent an email today to all my working mom friends to check out the blog. I hope it brings you even more visitors. You four are doing a GREAT job!!

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