Tomorrow is the day, people!!! Please vote. No matter how busy your schedule is, make the time to cast your ballot and let your voice be heard. Do it for America. Do it for your children. Do it for yourself.

Then later, have a little toast to you, the voter, with the beverage of your choice. Cheers!

5 thoughts on “Vote

  1. Hi Cara,

    I really enjoy your blog. I watched an author named Christopher Flett on the Today Show, he wrote a book called “What Men Don’t Tell Women About Business” and it shares secrets for women working in business. I thought you might enjoy hearing about him. There could be some great content in their for future posts.

    Keep up the great work.



  2. “Let’s do it for our country,
    The red, white, and the blue.
    It’s Uncle Sam who’s asking,
    So your mother will approve.”

  3. I went to vote this morning, and the line wrapped around the building.

    Since I had my toddler in tow, there was no way I was sticking around for that.

    I’ll try again this evening.

  4. Don’t worry, I voted weeks ago!!!!

    It will be an exciting evening!

  5. Hi Cara,

    I’ve been doing some additional research on the author, Chris Flett, that I talked about on my last comment. His company is “GhostCEO” ( and his book is a bestseller. I found it on Amazon here. Anyway, he was in the NY Times last Sunday under the “Career Couch” and he makes reference to women’s blogs like yours so I thought you might like to connect. I’d like to see you interview him and see what he’s all about. I saw on another blog he was a guest blogger. His email is:

    Best wishes,


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