Weekend Breakfast Idea: Waffle Tacos (Cincinnati Style)


During the work week, breakfast is catch-as-catch-can in our house. Sometimes we have time for a bowl of cereal or bagel with cream cheese, and other days it’s grab a cereal bar (or seal-uh bar, as James calls it) and go go go.

But on weekends, we have a little extra time in the morning to be lazy, sleep in and take our time with breakfast. So today, I decided to invent a new breakfast tradition in our house, inspired by the waffle taco trend I’ve been seeing on the Internetz (see #waffletaco on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for examples).

Apparently, Taco Bell will soon be offering waffle tacos on their new breakfast menu across the country, spawning many homemade copycats and spinoffs. The waffle taco buzz caught our attention at work and got those mouthwatering creative juices flowing.

I thought it might be fun to put a Cincinnati spin on the breakfast waffle taco concept (waffle folded in half, filled with egg, bacon and cheese). So here’s how you make my Cincinnati-Style Waffle Taco:


  • 1 Eggo frozen waffle
  • 1 egg
  • 1/4 cup of goetta (store-bought or make your own — you might like to try my Grandma K’s secret family goetta recipe)
  • Skyline Chili cheddar cheese (finely shredded)
  • For dipping/topping options: ketchup, maple syrup and even Montgomery Inn Barbecue Sauce if you really want to go all-out Cincinnati!


Start by cooking the goetta — that part takes the longest. Cook it like you would ground beef, in a pan on medium heat, until it’s brown and crispy.

A Cincinnati specialty, goetta is a tasty mixture of beef, pork sausage, oats, onions and spices--sizzled up in a pan.

Cook one egg at a time. I used a small one-egg pan to get a similar circular shape as the Eggo waffle, but you can use whatever pan you like.


Instead of following the directions on the waffle package, MICROWAVE the waffle. I did on full power for 1 minute. This is the key to make a nice bendy waffle that won’t break when you bend it into a taco shape.

Lay the cooked egg on the warmed up waffle, then sprinkle goetta on the egg.

Add shredded cheese to your liking.


You can either dip the waffle taco or drizzle your favorite topping on it. I liked maple syrup and ketchup (not at the same time), but feel free to experiment. Maybe even some Sriracha or other hot sauce to give it some kick!


I hope you enjoy my take on waffle tacos, or perhaps you’ll be inspired to invent your own. Either way, I’d love to hear about it — please share in the comments!

Enjoy a fun breakfast with the fam this weekend and cook up these easy, yummy Waffle Tacos, with Cincinnati favorites like goetta and Skyline Chili cheese.

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