I Went Viral For A Day

The day my blog went viral ended up being one of the coolest and most frightening experiences of my entire life. All thanks to Gwyneth Paltrow!

The day my blog went viral was one of the coolest and most frightening experiences of my entire life!

This is the story about how I ended up on Fox News last Monday.

I’m sure many of you read the comments that Gwyneth Paltrow made on E! News about working moms a few weeks ago. If not, read them here so you can follow my story.

I will wait while you educate yourself  🙄

Pretty ridiculous, right?

A friend of mine at work told me about the story and advised I braced myself before clicking on the link, she does not have kids but knew I would not take kindly to her comments. My husband immediately suggested that I write a reply on my blog but I blew it off. I didn’t want to even dignify her with a response.

However, I made the mistake of reading this New York Post editorial from a working mom, much like myself, and the nasty comments people made towards her infuriated me.

I knew then I had to write my own reply, Excuse Me, Gwyneth.

My entire point about the issue is that Gwen doesn’t really know what it means to struggle financially and what a typical “office working mom” really deals with. I am fine with her considering herself as a working mom, but it’s not like I can decide tomorrow to take a “year off” just because I want to spend more time with my baby. She could have used her platform for unselfish reasons and instead brought the real problems working moms face in this country to a national conversation.

Examples include: guaranteed paid maternity leave, affordable and quality daycare options and more time off to care for a newborn with guaranteed job protection

I wrote my post and didn’t think much more about it until last Monday afternoon when a producer from the Greta Van Susteren show contacted me about a segment that Greta was doing on Gwen’s comments.

I, of course, agreed to go on national news via satellite with her that evening! What an amazing opportunity!

I received confirmation around 3pm and was scheduled to be live by 7:15pm. They scheduled to have a car come pick me up from my house at 6pm and take me to downtown Buffalo to shoot from a small studio.

Live TV is absolutely nothing like what it looks like when you watch from the comfort of your own home. I sat in a small room with one production assistant, looking into a camera with millions of people on the other end. Also, those little ear pieces that news anchors wear? Totally uncomfortable!

The best part of the whole day was the number of blog hits I received, it felt like going viral, though I am not quite sure what the true number of blog hits I would have to receive to be considered “viral” it sure felt viral to me, so I will take it!

If you are interested in watching my interview you can see it here. You will notice I was quite nervous… enjoy!

7 thoughts on “I Went Viral For A Day

  1. Congrats, Monica! You were great! What an adventure.

  2. Wow, Monica! So cool. Congrats – maybe you will become a go-to expert. Do you have a link to the video?

  3. Nicole Robinson @MyCollegeBaby says:

    You did great. Good on you for answering the call. I just wonder what prompted Gwen to make that comment. Did someone ask her point blank, do you have it harder than regular moms? Her comment just came out of nowhere.

  4. Gustave Bogisich says:

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