We’re a Dream Come True

This blog—and thousands of others like it—is a marketer’s dream.

According to the latest issue of Advertising Age, mommy blogs have emerged as a low-cost, effective way to spread the word about products and brands to a highly desirable market:

Blog-ad firm Blogads in March reported that the average consumer of such content is a 29-year-old female with annual income of $70,000 who taps in to five blogs a day and spends four hours a week on them.

The article highlights some successful and influential mom-blogs, including Modern Mom, Mommy Track’d, Cool Mom Picks, and SheFindsMom. (What about WMAG, you ask? We’re still a “best-kept secret,” I guess.)

Now granted, I’m in the biz. But I feel a little flattered and an odd sense of power, being one of these dreamy mommy bloggers. Marketers want me, because they want you. Mommy blogs are hot!

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