What a Life!

I figured I’d better get a post in before I become Mommy to an infant once again – ’cause who knows when I’ll find time after our new Little One arrives? We’re scheduled to deliver on Saturday, induced because we have no family nearby and this allows my parents to get here and take care of our 4-year-old while I’m at the hospital. We’re excited to meet her new little sister!

I will continue to be a working mom after her birth – with today’s economy and all of the uncertainty it brings, working is even more critical for me. Luckily I have a flexible schedule and very cool employers/clients who should make it a lot easier than it was the first time I did the whole “back to work after baby” thing.

And then, there’s my second “job” – writing novels. Now that I’m actually going to be published, writing fiction isn’t just a hobby, it’s a source of income. A second career. I write my books in the evenings, after I’ve finished “work work” and put kids to bed. It’s not glamorous at all, which is why I giggle when people say things like, “Oh, you’re going to be the next JK Rowling! Are you rich now? When will your book be made into a movie?”

One of my author friends, Cynthea Liu (The Great Call of China and Paris Pan Takes the Dare – buy these books, folks!) just created a fabulous little video on the “glamour” of being an author. I’m not sure if Cynthea has a “day job” per se, but I know she works her butt off helping promote other authors and taking care of her adorable daughter. If you’ve ever been curious what an author’s life is really like, check this out!

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  1. Cynthea Liu says:

    What a fabulous blog idea, from a blogging Mom who knows what the G word is all about. I wear many hats as a mom–author, being one of them! The other aspects of my life are too hideous to mention in public. 🙂

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