What Does the Easter Bunny Bring Your Kids?

The Easter Bunny at our house is a little behind the eight ball this year.

Last year, our daughter was too young for candy, so we didn’t do much. This year, she’s still too young (22 months), but close enough. Lord knows she loves “chock-lutt.” I want to do something really fun for her! I’m thinking of hitting up Target for the essentials, and maybe TJ Maxx or a bookstore for some non-candy items.

What’s in your kids’ Easter baskets this year? Maybe your ideas will spark more creativity from me. Let’s hear ’em!

16 thoughts on “What Does the Easter Bunny Bring Your Kids?

  1. My kid is only 14 months so still a little young but will included stuffed little duck, wind-up inch worm, easter related book, pet animal puzzle and maybe a little something sweet in the plastic eggs. Or at least that’s what I’m thinking now with everything but the something sweet accounted for…

  2. FreshHell says:

    We avoided candy for a number of years but now they’re 7 and 4 so we have the chocolate (and easter egg hunts – eggs stuffed with pennies and stickers) but usually stuff the baskets with books and coloring books, tattoos, art supplies, Barbies necessities (found on ebay), etc. We have way too many stuffed animals in the house so I try to avoid adding to the stack.

  3. just4ofus says:

    we have a transformer, candy and slippers in one.
    we have polly pocket stuff, candy and slippers in the other.

  4. The Easter bunny is bringing a couple of summer T-shirts, a action figure for the boy and Barbie for the girl. And a book for each. And there is also some candy, but not much.

    Not sure if you’re doing a beach vacation this year, but one year we used sand pails as the baskets and stuffed them with water toys and a cool new beach towel.

  5. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    My girls are 3 and 5 1/2. I try to do very little candy (they’ve already gotten way too sugared up from parties and egg hunts at school.) 😉

    I’ve gotten them sidewalk chalk, colored pencils, washable markers, Disney stamp sets, Strawberry Shortcake paddle balls, notepads with their initial, etc.

    Here are some more ideas: sunglasses, stickers, an Easter book, flower seed packets, frisbees, Play Doh.

    Have fun!

  6. kookaburra says:

    When my eldest daughter had her first Easter she was ready for baby foods so I put in her basket baby jars of carrots and peas. I also made her a couple of summer dresses that were put in the basket. It all made for a really cute basket and pictures!

    This year she’s getting a tamagochi and lanyard to hook it on – she’s 13 now. Some chocolate and goodies.

  7. Grandma and Grandpa sent O a biiiiggg Easter basket. Not sure what’s in there, because I haven’t opened it up. I’m sure it’s a bunch of toys and books and way too much candy. He’s their first grandchild, and he is spooilllleeed!

    He can’t get too much in the way of candy b/c of the whole peanut allergy thing (a lot of chocolate is cross-contiminated with peanuts), so I figure I’ll get him a few sugary sweet treats, some “stickies” (stickers), a book or two, and maybe some bath toys. I like the idea of putting the pennies and stickers in the plastic eggs! But not pennies for O, he’ll try to swallow them. Maybe I’ll put rocks in the eggs. He loves himself some rocks.

  8. gorillabuns says:

    Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Polly pockets and bath tub crayons. That’s it. I think my kids have way too much and I’m so tired of picking up after them.

  9. Postalart 10150 says:

    My second child is 14 months and is really into wind ups. So I got him these cute easter bunny construction vehicle wind ups and put bitter biscuits in his basket. He doesn’t know the difference yet will feel included in festivities with my older child who does have some candy.

  10. Thanks for all the great examples! We ended up getting an Elmo bunny basket (soooo cute!) and filled it with a book, Sesame Street pals, chocolate bunny, Dora DVD, and another book that didn’t fit. We’re also going to do a little egg hunt tomorrow morning with plastic eggs filled with candy. I can’t wait!

  11. Divawithaj says:

    We do the hunt with loonies as our son is 4 and money goes to his resp now with second son guess we need more eggs

  12. The easter bunny brought us a trampoline once and full of Goodies like candy and stuff we each like he brings us PS4 games and xbox360 games too!

  13. My kids are 11 and 3. The Easter Bunny always fills their baskets with treats! In no way is it like Christmas but they do get some candy/chocolate and a toy or a few trinkets. I’m so shocked at the people who don’t do baskets for their kids! We definitely celebrate the real reason for Easter but the bunny does come to see my kids!

  14. i love they bring so many candies to the kids

  15. No plastic, just chocolate and candy is enough excitement in my eyes!

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