What Working Moms Want (for Christmas)

Trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for your favorite working mom? Or have you been too busy to make a list for yourselves, ladies?

Lucky for you, I made this list—with the help of fellow working moms—and checked it twice. Now it’s time for you to be nice. Show the working mom in your life how much she’s appreciated! (Moms: Feel free to forward this link to your partners, parents, etc.)

  1. Homemade meal-prep service, such as Dream Dinners
  2. Babysitting for a day of shopping, ladies’ night out, or even an overnight trip/break
  3. Day spa gift certificate (see Spa Finder or check your local listings)
  4. One-year subscription to Working Mother magazine
  5. Personal chef—for a day, a week, or longer!
  6. Satellite radio for those long commutes
  7. Concierge services (grocery shopping, errands, housesitting, coordinating maid service, etc.)
  8. Housecleaning service
  9. Remote car starter
  10. Gift certificate to her favorite clothing store (non-mom-ish clothes, only)
  11. Subscription to Netflix for unlimited movie rentals
  12. Starbucks gift card for coffee and goodies on the go
  13. Mobile device accessories
  14. Robotic vacuum or mop
  15. The perfect purse
  16. Jewelry commemorating the mother/child relationship
  17. A peaceful retreat from the chaos—whether that’s a day with the house to herself, or a week at a luxurious resort.

As a special bonus, here’s another wish list—not necessarily realistic (or even possible!), but dream-worthy gifts nonetheless:

  • Ability to expand and contract the space/time continuum to fit mom’s needs
  • Electric sex
  • To be magically skinny again
  • Kids who don’t fight
  • A cool new car
  • Bigger, nicer house
  • A 100% raise (or at least more than the cost-of-living increase!)

Do you have suggestions to add to either of these lists? Post them in the comments section. Meantime, I’ll update as I discover more of what working moms want for Christmas.

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9 thoughts on “What Working Moms Want (for Christmas)

  1. Dear Santa,
    Please give me a Roomba. I love robots. Especially when they clean.

  2. Dear Christmas Guy–

    Please give me more money and time to shop.


    P.S. If you can’t get Cara a Roomba, try finding her an Aismo!

  3. Oh, and what is electric sex? Are we talking vibrators? Or something different I’m not aware of?

  4. I will leave the definition of “electric sex” up to the reader. It was a suggestion by a BabyCenter mom. Sounded good to me.

  5. Not a bad list, overall, but that ugly purse must go!

  6. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah says:

    Yes (I actually put this in a different comment earlier, but it is more appropriate here) the book “Mommy Guilt”l, or a gift certificate to a cleaning service.

  7. Now that’s quite a list, ladies! And I thought WE had some DreamWorthy Gifts… we should have come to YOU for advice! 😉 (Can you find me a wholesaler for those items…?)

    Keep up the good (and fun) work.

    Self-employed Mom with Guilt…


  8. I am not a mom, but wanted to find something thoughtful for a family member with three kids. I’ve read through tons of “gifts for a busy mom” lists and this is the only one that seems REAL! All the rest have stuff that’s just going to end up jammed in a closet and never used. This list cracked me up!

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