What’s Your Pet Peeve?

So last week I was all “Don’t you tell me what’s what about daycare! I KNOW what’s what.”

Now I want to know: What is your “mom” pet peeve? What things do people ask of or assume about you as a working mom* that drive you batty? Have you thought of any clever, but appropriate, retorts?

*Stay-At-Home moms, feel free to speak up. We know you work, too!


14 thoughts on “What’s Your Pet Peeve?

  1. Marketing Mommy says:

    “Are your kids in daycare or do they have a nanny?”

    I never fail to SHOCK THEM when I reply that my husband works from home so he’s with them a lot. But we also use a home daycare and my daughter goes to preschool since he can’t actually get any work done when they’re home.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My biggest “stay-atwork” mom pet peeve is comments from other mom’s that imply my choice to work is not a choice, but rather a necessity. Yes, I agree that some mom’s have to work, however there are a great number of us who choose to work. So the implication that it’s not the best of situations or the premiere choice is offensive at times. My usual reply — “A necessity only if defined as necessary for family happiness.” I work. I’m proud of my career. I’m proud of my kids. And my family life and my kids are better off because I work!

  3. Justice Fergie says:

    ooo good one Tela.

    My pet peeve is, now that I am preggars with my third child, people asking me: “Are you going to keep working?”

    It’s annoying for 2 reasons: (1) it reminds me that I DO have to keep working full-time after the baby comes, which I would rather not do; and (2) it implies that it’s absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to work and have 3 kids.

    (please tell me it isn’t!)

  4. My pet peeve is that everyone directs their negative comments about working to me, not my husband — despite the fact that I am the primary breadwinner. They just assume that since I’m the female, I should stay home, when in fact if one of us were to stay home for economic reasons, it would be him!

  5. RaisingM.E.N. says:

    Justice Fergie – I work and have three kids.

    My biggest pet peeve is when people ask “Do you ‘have’ to work?”

    I never know how to answer that, I want to say, “Do you ‘have’ to be a bitch?” or “Do you ‘have’ to serve your husband in order to stay home?”

    Of course, I don’t have to work, I think my local trailer park has housing available, but what a waste of my education, talent and passion if I didn’t work.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My biggest pet peeve:

    “you’re not working, are you?”

    “Oh. But part-time, right?”

    “Is he in daycare?”

    Now picture a sad look on the other person’s face, implying that we have the saddest existence imaginable.

  7. Anonymous #2–very funny. I get that a lot, too.

    In addition to many other pet peeves–I love the one that implication that working from home one day is EASY. Not so much.

  8. When are you planning the next baby?

  9. Anonymous says:


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  10. Anonymous says:

    Justice Fergie –
    Also pregnant with #3 myself – I have had the same questions. But then again, wouldn’t dream of pulling my 4 year old and 2 year old out of preschool / daycare. They are learning so much and love to be with their friends at school! So of course I’m coming back to work – because I couldn’t afford that preschool / early education without my paycheck!

  11. I choose to work and I can’t stand comments like ‘if you choose to have kids, you shouldn’t let someone else RAISE them.’

    I honestly just don’t understand the logic behind it (besides the fact that despite working, I decide what my son eats, what he wears, how he’s disciplined, when he goes to bed, and on and on and on). Because my son spends 7 hours at daycare, I’m not raising him? I want to ask them, when our children are both in first grade, then, are their teachers raising them? Or do I get to say I’m raising mine again then? Or, can I still not say I’m raising him because I work while he’s at school?

    That one just irks me!!

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Justice Fergie, I do it every day (work with 3 kids).

    My pet peeve is exaclty what beejo said!

  13. Anonymous says:


    I have a friend who is a tenure track college professor and has 3 kids all under 6. Her life is wonderfully full, I think things feel a little crazy sometimes but she loves it all and her children are happy and very well-behaved.

    Love this site

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Beejo! I agree with you 100%. I’m totally using your words the next time someone pesters me with the “if you choose to have kids, you shouldn’t let someone else RAISE them” comment.

    Mrs. VJ
    Mama to a 1 year old

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