When You Really Need Help

If you’re a working mom, here’s when you really need help: when you’re sick. And pregnant.

I had a cold that started last Friday and just continued getting worse with each day. By Tuesday, this nasty little rhinovirus brought me to my knees. I actually had to leave work at lunchtime and crawl my way from car to couch at home. I barely had the energy to let the dog out to pee, let alone take care of a child or a husband.

Thankfully, Cassie was at the sitter for the remainder of the afternoon. I slept on the couch. Daddy picked her up from the sitter and cooked dinner. I lay on the couch and watched Noggin with Cassie. Time for night-night? Daddy put her to bed. I stayed — guess where? — on the couch.

Wednesday, I woke up with ears that felt so congested that my brain might explode at any moment. Ow. I didn’t know colds could get this bad. Death was looking like a good alternative to this snotty, sinusey suffering. Thank God I could take Cassie to the sitter’s (Daddy had to go on a business trip early that morning). There was no way I could be a good mom feeling like this.

All day, I lay on the couch, mostly sleeping, occasionally half-watching TV. I literally did nothing, and that was all I could do. When pick-up time rolled around, my mom offered to pick up Cassie and I could meet them over at my parents’ house, where dinner awaited. What a welcome, blessed offering of help. I really, really needed it.

Today, I woke up feeling much better, thank God. I was able to do my usual mom thing, take care of the kiddo, get her off to the sitter and myself to work. I’m still not 100%, but I’m close enough to do what needs to be done. And I’m sooo appreciative of the help I received while I was under the weather. Also, of the fact I can actually take paid sick days from work when I need to.

What do sick, pregnant moms do when they have no help or paid sick days? I’d hate to imagine.

3 thoughts on “When You Really Need Help

  1. Wow, I’m sorry you were so sick! This actually got me thinking how lucky you are that you didn’t get a lot of morning sickness – there’s a situation where moms need help, but it probably can’t be there as often as they need it, and so they just have to suffer through. With this pregnancy, I felt a lot crappier in my first trimester, but I couldn’t just leave work or stop taking care of my daughter, even if she did go to the sitter’s a lot. I knew things weren’t going to get better for awhile and really only felt comfortable asking for help on days when I simply couldn’t deal. Otherwise, I just tried to power through. (Though I almost killed my husband once when he remarked at how cranky I was…)

  2. I am no longer pregnant, but I can tell you how scary it is..yes, scary..to be a single mom when you get sick. I live three hours from my family, and though my child’s father is a very active part of her life, he, too, is over an hour away and not always available. If it is the weekday, I’m able to take her to daycare; however, sometimes (especially if it’s some horrid stomach bug), I’m not even able to do that. It’s terrifying to have an infant (she’s 15 months now) and be physically impaired or incapable of caring for her. Those are the days when I really feel the effects of being a single mom.

  3. Elaine at Lipstickdaily says:

    The only thing tougher than being a mom with sick kids, is being a sick mom with well kids. Sorry you had to go through that!

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