Where Does the Time Go?

I should know better. I really should. But, every time I’m surprised how fast the week flies by and how little gets done on my To-Do list. I’m a work-from-home mom that has trouble remembering I can’t work, clean, and watch two kids all at the same time.

This week, however, I thought it could be done. With the kids enrolled in a YMCA day camp for 3 whole hours every day, I thought I’d have all the time in the world. I was mistaken.

Sunday night, I got a little too eager and started my plan. I would do my “work” work in the early morning hours, and then tackle the “home” work while the kids were at camp. I fantasized about running errands on my own, de-cluttering toys, scrubbing toilets–even washing windows. Sick, I know.

I jotted down my schedule thinking I’d have no problem sticking to it. Well, here’s my original plan and what actually happened.

On the list:
1. Go to grocery store
2. Clean both kid’s room
3. Clean upstairs bathroom

What happened: After dropping the kids off at the Y. I drove off into the sunset… in the direction of the grocery store. Freedom! After spending an hour and a half shopping, I arrived home. Feeling pretty tired, I sat down for a quick soda and snack. The break didn’t last long. A client called about a new job. After I got off the phone, another client called to talk. After that conversation, I had one hour left to clean. I managed to clean, dust, and vacuum the girl’s room.

On the list:
1. Clean my bedroom
2. Clean master bathroom
3. Clean laundry room/mudroom
4. Pay Macy’s bill

What happened: Well, this day was blown to hell from the start. I was derailed because I needed to take my Dad’s car to the mechanic. We promised the buyer we’d replace the serpentine belt. Something I thought my husband could easily do on his own. Wrong. So I quickly rescheduled my day to run some errands while I was out of the house. I stopped at Macy’s first to pay my bill. Then dropped off the car, and walked next door to the shopping center to buy a wedding gift for this weekend and run some errands for vacation. At least I completed one thing off today’s list!

On the list:
1. Clean living room
2. Clean kitchen
3. Clean family room

What happened: I managed to de-clutter the toy box in the living room. Dust a little. And then I have no idea what else? I must have blacked out.

On the list:
1. Run errands for vacation.
2. Buy wedding gift.

What happened: To much of my surprise, I already completed these things on Tuesday. And, I managed to clean the boy’s room in the morning. But, I still had a whole bunch of other stuff leftover. Alas, a distraction showed up on my doorstep. A surprise from Nintendo! Of course, I had to set it up right away. (WiiHoo! I’ll write about it very soon.) With some time to spare, I cleaned up the family room and my bedroom. Then I stopped at the bank on the way to pick up the kids.

On the list:
1. Clean windows
2. Clean wood floor
3. Prepare for dinner guest

What actually happened: Well, I have the whole day still ahead of me. Maybe I should stop blogging and wrap ’em up:

1. Clean upstairs bathroom
2. Clean master bathroom
3. Clean laundry room/mud room
4. Clean kitchen
5. Clean windows
6. Clean wood floor
7. Prepare for dinner guest

Can I dooo it? No, I can’t!

5 thoughts on “Where Does the Time Go?

  1. Forget the cleaning. You got Wii? How? Where?

  2. THIS IS MY WHOLE LIFE. I never get enough done. Never.

  3. What is that saying about the best laid plans…lol

    I am with Susan. Feels like you pulled a page from my planner. You can only do so much planning. I say at least you got some of the work you planned to, finished!

  4. just4ofus says:

    there is never enough time to do all of this, and I work part time. So you full time people? No idea how you do it.
    We really had to decide where to get help so we didn’t spend all of our weekend time doing chores and so we could spend more time with the kids… especially now that we have bday parties and sporting events to cart them to.
    we decided on either a lawn service or housekeeper.
    since the lawn service was cheaper and i am pretty anal about the cleaning… we decided on a lawn service.

  5. Yep, at least I got some of it done. So that’s good. I have an addiction to list-making. I think if I can get on the list, I’ll get it done. Not.

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