Which Kind of Bad Mom Am I?

I’m taking today and tomorrow off work. My daughter is at the sitter’s house. I’m at home spring cleaning and taking care of business.

I feel a wee bit guilty, but I also know it’s necessary to make our home a nicer place to be.

Take a look at this handy chart (click to enlarge) and see which Bad Mom I am today. And diagnose yourself, while you’re at it.



4 thoughts on “Which Kind of Bad Mom Am I?

  1. I’ve done what you’re doing and I don’t consider myself a bad mom at all. If my child really needed me, I’d keep him home or would take him to the sitter’s for a half a day or whatever, but being able to get done what you need to today leaves tonight for fun. If it reduces the stress in your life, it reduces the stress in your child’s. I hope you get everything done on your list.

  2. BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) says:

    LOL! Oh my…hmmm. I think I’ve been every one of these at some point.

    Don’t feel guilty. Every mom deserves to take a day off and actually spend it at home being productive sans children!

    Love these cards.

  3. I’m the last one, definitely. In fact, that is exactly what I said!

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