Which Women’s Health Issue Should We Tackle First?

BlogHer, the online blogging community for women, is going to tackle one global health issue on behalf of women this year. The project is called BlogHers Act. Their goal is to effect “measurable improvement” on the community’s top-ranked health issue:

By measurable, we seek to demonstrate progress on Global Health via key metrics to be determined (e.g., signatures, votes, donations, letters, live births, etc.). We will use an array of online and offline resources, actions and initiatives to deliver and report on this impact.

Which issue(s) do you consider to be most important? Vote below (the deadline is Aug. 25 at midnight). I’ll keep everyone posted on how we can contribute to the effort.

2 thoughts on “Which Women’s Health Issue Should We Tackle First?

  1. Kerry Smith says:

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  2. It’s encouraging to see efforts being made to address women’s health issues! One critical area that deserves attention is diabetes management, particularly regarding access to insulin. The disparities in availability and rising costs pose significant challenges for many women worldwide. For instance, supporting organizations like https://insulin.store/ , which focuses on canadian insulin, could help alleviate some of these challenges. I look forward to seeing how this initiative progresses and contributes to improving the lives of women affected by diabetes globally.

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