Who Needs Morning TV When You’ve Got Blogs?

The good people of TV Land are nervous. Moms like us are increasingly turning off morning TV programs in favor of blogs.

The pundits are saying it’s because blogs provide a livelier, more timely, and more relevant forum for women to discuss the issues of the day. With TV shows (of the news and talk variety), the “discussion” is decidedly one-way. It’s the experts or personalities telling you–the isolated viewer at home–what they think.

I also think we moms like to keep it real (even if keepin’ it real sometimes goes wrong). TV morning shows can be so phony and sickeningly sweet ‘n’ sappy. In the MamaBlogosphere, topics are addressed head-on, straight-up, no-bull, and with many points of view included (and welcomed!). That makes for some of the best and most interesting discussion, in my opinion.

Still, I’ll probably keep watching “Good Morning America” while sipping my morning coffee and feeding my baby girl a bottle. It’s a good passive, groggy-friendly medium to start the day with. Blogs are better once my brain is fully awake!

P.S. Thanks to my fellow blogger and coworker Bob for the heads-up on this story!

3 thoughts on “Who Needs Morning TV When You’ve Got Blogs?

  1. Marketing Mommy says:

    I tried watching those morning news shows when I was on maternity leave with my daughter, but I found them so insipid. And I felt like the commercial breaks came every 5 minutes. I did indulge in a daily Oprah fix, however.

    I get my news fix from mainstream news websites, blogs and NPR podcasts. They all fit my schedule–surfing during slow moments at work and listening to podcasts during my train commute.

    Just discovered your website today and it’s great.

  2. selfmademom says:

    I saw this too, but I am so hesitant to give up my morning ritual of the Today show. It may be banal, but I just don’t see myself letting go anytime soon.

  3. Elizabeth Rodriguez says:

    I totally agree it’s all political this days I only look at the e education channels or I just watch a movie since there no commercials and advertised. I save money that’s way I only need the essential in life.

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