WMAG Book Club: 37 Seconds Recap

Last night, Monica and I had the opportunity to sit down with Stephanie Arnold, working mom and author of 37 Seconds, for our WMAG Book Club. We got to ask her all sorts of personal questions, having read her harrowing, thrilling book about dying and coming back to life in childbirth.

What’s it like to predict your own death? And then experience it? And then come back to life?

What do foreboding glimpses of the future feel like?

Are you still having visions or premonitions, and do they come true?

What’s next for this “miracle mom” who survived an amniotic fluid embolism, despite the fact that most women who experience AFE in childbirth do not?

Did this whole horrific experience turn you into a believer—in God, heaven, afterlife, angels?

With much humor and grace, Stephanie answered all of our inquiries. Watch this video recording of our chat to hear what she said (and prepare to get major goosebumps!)

Monica also shared her own personal traumatic childbirth experience (you can read her blog posts about it here), and Stephanie recommended trying regression therapy to help her process the experience and begin to heal herself emotionally and spiritually.

Sara, being a published author herself, had questions for Stephanie about the writing, editing, and publishing process that led to 37 Seconds.

Next up: the movie version? You don’t need to be psychic to foresee that 37 Seconds would make a terrific film. I hope Stephanie’s story spreads far and wide, so millions of people are inspired to speak up if they sense something’s wrong, advocate for their own well-being, and listen to their inner voice. Not to mention, contribute to the body of research into AFE and help scientists and doctors reduce the mortality rate from this condition.

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