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I’m the kind of gal who doesn’t enjoy the grocery store. Each time I go I whiz through, picking up my usual staples and perhaps a few ingredients for a new recipe I want to try. So when agreeing to review the new Kroger website, I felt a little overwhelmed. I don’t like to think too much about grocery shopping, and there’s a lot of content on this site. “Yikes,” I thought. “Who has the time?”

But then I looked at it from another perspective. What Kroger.com really seems to want to do is build a relationship with shoppers – to be your one-stop for everything from recipes to food preparation and lifestyle tips. These kinds of sites are everywhere these days, but if you make the commitment to consult just one, you can’t go wrong with Kroger.com. The site includes:

  • Recipes: Over a thousand, many of which have been tested by the Kroger kitchen. Search by theme or ingredient.
  • Expert advice: Read a wide range of articles from Kroger chefs, wine stewards, dieticians and others who share their expertise with site visitors.
  • Seasonal Holiday planner: During various annual holidays, Kroger.com features recipes for holiday meals, party planning and gift ideas.
  • Healthy living tips: Find articles on nutrition, diet and fitness, cooking, family health tips and kitchen safety.

Fine, you say. But what about that dreaded trip to the grocery store? How does Kroger.com make that easier? Well, you can register your email, specifying which store you use, and this will allow you to check an online circular with all of the most current deals and discounts. Click on the items you want to purchase to have them added to your shopping list.Other services include:

  • Coupon center: View dozens of coupons from Kroger and various national brands. Click on each coupon to “clip” the coupon virtually, then print the coupon list all at once.
  • Pharmacy tools: Refill prescriptions, read expert advice from Kroger pharmacists, review drug information and download medical forms.
  • Interactive ordering: Order flowers, gift cards and gourmet gifts at the Gift Center; or, order hard-to-find, special-order products.
  • My Kroger: A one-stop-shop where customers can go to update their information, check fuel rewards and sign up for special offers by mail. Customers can also sign up to receive monthly newsletters, special offers and view their weekly circular via email.

Of course, what I would *really* find helpful is a tool that allows me to all but avoid that shopping trip. I want the ability to create a list online and shoot it to the store, where some nice clerk will bag everything up and have it waiting for me as I drive by. *sigh* Maybe someday…

So, in short, if you have the time and inclination to really interact with your grocery store and use its site as your portal for food and health information, then you’ll love Kroger.com. And hey – here’s a little incentive to head on over for a bit of a stock up: a $25 Kroger gift certificate! Comment here, and I’ll hold a drawing at 11 p.m. EST on Monday. The lucky winner will get a break on her next grocery run!

RESULTS: OK folks, my clock says 11:02 and I can barely keep my eyes open. We had 10 commenters, and I’m calling this baby in the interest of getting myself to bed. I wrote everybody’s name on a slip of paper, then I shuffled and rearranged and tossed all the slips into the air. Shut my eyes, picked out a slip, and… drumroll, please… the winner is Amy! Now, there were two Amys who commented and one has a userpic of a baby. I noted that on her slip and it is that Amy who wins. Amy, please email saraWMAG@gmail.com with your contact info and snail mail addy. I will pass send it to my contact at Kroger, and she’ll get you hooked up.

Thanks to everybody for entering. Sleep tight!

12 thoughts on “WMAG Review – Kroger.com

  1. hey, looks pretty good. i used to order online and have it delivered, then the company sold and it was phased out. it was a black day. i like the idea of having someone else truding the groceries to the car in the rain and loading them

  2. Looks like a great site. I always appreciate a few coupons and I love that they have great recipes right there. Thanks for the heads up on a great site!!

  3. Kroger’s site is awesome! I love the coupon’s, and I love the fantastic recipes! I could use this for sure…

  4. Not only is the site really cool, but from time to time, I get personalized coupons from Kroger in the mail. They’re good ones, too, and they have a decent shelf life.

  5. Lois Lane says:

    I just glanced at it for now and it looks good. I’d like to really dig in and check out all the features.

  6. Juggling In Arkansas says:

    I love being able to go online for information like this. The site is great!

  7. Loving the idea of the nice clerk collecting my list!

    I’ll check it out – always looking for a great source for recipes.

  8. love the new site. I am always on the lookout for more coupons!

  9. I love hitting a grocery store website prior to the shopping trip. It always allows me to save extra money, which is a HUGE plus in my book.

    I do have to personally disagree with one thing. I love grocery store trips cause it allows me to get out of the house and generally it is a trip that I take with just my older daughter. It is our one-on-one time and DH gets a little time to himself watching our 3-week old.

    I will definitely be scanning through the recipies as well cause I always try to experiment with new recipies every week.

  10. I’m a coupon junkie, in fact I go to a coupon trading forum quite often. So, the ability to get even MORE coupons at a store I already go to, without having to send someone in CA a SASE is quite appealing to me. Thanks for steering me to Kroger.com.

  11. It’s far better than it used to be. I’m telling you the truth when I say that I’m putting this comment in here because I want the $25! I don’t always shop at Kroger but it’s the closest to work and i pick up the stuff we forget or run out of during the week.

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