WMAG Reviews: Angie’s List

If you own a home, you need to read my new review of Angie’s List–the online source of ratings and reviews of home-services companies in 124 major cities. See if it’s worth the subscription price!

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  1. M. D. Vaden of Oregon says:

    One defect with Angie’s list, is layman judging professionals. There could be plenty of homeowners giving great reviews to companies that don’t deserve it.

    Let me take lawn care for example.

    Maybe a company keeps a lawn really green looking and weed free for a year – so the homeowner gives sterling remarks about this lawn service.

    What the homeowner may not know, is that herbicides were applied double rate, and although the grass looks great, the trees in the lawn are starting to have problems they did not detect. Also, ryegrass needs 8 lbs. of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year, but fine fescue only needs 2 lbs. of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year.

    Suppose the lawn service is applying the same rate of fertilizer to both species of grass on a big lot, both grasses may look wonderfully green, but the fine fescue may be building excess thatch which the homeowner has no idea about.

    And yes – this happens. And because of a dozen real scenerios like this, I hardly put a grain of salt of confidence in online reviews similar to Angie’s list.

    And ask yourself, how do you really know if someone’s opinion is bogus or not, if they don’t post a copy of the contract for readers to review?

    Generally, I find contractors via contractors. I’ll call up a painter I know, and ask him which carpenter he uses. Or call established lumber supply companies and ask which siding company has been buying from them for years.



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