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Moms are tough. And we got the scars and stretch marks to prove it. But we’re not about to show ’em off. In fact, we’ll do anything we can to hide or–better yet–get rid of them.

So we were very happy when the PR agency for Bio-Oil sent us some free samples of their magic potion. Bio-Oil is a skincare product that claims to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scars, and uneven skin tones. It was just introduced in the U.S., but has been the #1 selling skincare product in South Africa, the U.K., and Australia.

You can find Bio-Oil at most drugstores, including Walgreens and CVS. It retails for less than $12. Not bad!

Cara’s Take
I guess it’s with getting older, but it seems like my skin scars more easily than ever. Especially over this past summer… I had scars from mosquito bites, scratches, and cuts all over my legs. I was embarrassed to wear shorts and skirts. So I applied Bio-Oil twice a day. It took a little while to see a difference, but now looking at my legs I can tell the scars have definitely faded a lot. I am very happy. I’ve also used Bio-Oil before bedtime on my forehead and cheeks. Call me crazy, but I think it’s helped smooth out these big wrinkles I was developing above my brow.

Now, Bio-Oil is an oil-based product (obviously). So as a girl who has oily skin I was a little worried about that. But, it actually absorbs into my skin nicely and doesn’t leave a greasy residue.

Tela’s Take
I used Bio-Oil on the scars on my feet. I have a propensity to wear ill-fitting shoes for long periods of time, getting blisters, and sometimes scars. Usually they are on my heels or toes, so no big whoop. This year I wore a pair that cut into the TOP of my feet, and I ended up with some scars there. So I slapped on some Bio-Oil for a few weeks, and they faded. They are still there, but I think I’m the only one that notices them.

Sara’s Take
I don’t know what’s in it, but I love this stuff. It could be nothing more than baby oil with a fancy name, but hey. I’m hooked! Right about the time I got my bottle, I was suffering from a skin condition that caused these scaly, itchy rashes to spring up on my arms. Until I could get to the dermatologist, I put Bio-Oil on the rashes. It soothed the itching and seemed to stop them from getting any bigger. In the final diagnosis, I needed a steroid cream to make the condition go away, so I don’t want to say that Bio-Oil cured me. But it sure did help!

Now, I massage a drop or two into the area under my eyes in the morning and at bedtime. It moisturizes really well, and I think it’s helped reduce some of the dark spots that have been forming due to lack of sleep and stress. It works at least as well as the expensive creams I’ve been buying at the department store. Good stuff!

Susan’s Take
I started using Bio-Oil a couple of weeks ago on my mommy-marks (stretch marks on my tummy). It seems to help reduce their appearance, but I have no scientific or photographic proof. But I really think this stuff would’ve been great when I was pregnant! Next time, I plan to stock up so my expanding tummy doesn’t get all dry and (more) stretch-marky.

2 thoughts on “WMAG Reviews: Bio-Oil

  1. just4ofus says:

    Ok, so I must try this. I am ALWAYS in search of wrinkle release and preventiion for my face etc. I will, in the name of vanity, not grow old gracefully.
    Plus Jason won’t let me get the REAL treatments I want.

  2. crazedparent says:

    i am late to this post but i, too, want to try this product out. thanks, ladies, for giving it the test run! *running to store*

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