WMAG Reviews: KN Luxury Home Bamboo Sheets by Karen Neuburger

I remember sitting at a college party, and one of the hosts kept talking about sheets. She went on and on about thread counts and such. I was baffled. First, we were at a college party—why was she talking about sheets? (Well, it was grad school.) Second, what the funk were thread counts?

Oh, mumblejumble, years later, and I know all too much about thread counts. Sort of. It still seems a bit “la te da” to me, but I do loves me some soft sheets. And higher thread counts equal softer sheets. I often find it all too hard to plunk down the cashola for them, though.

So when I was approached to try out KN Luxury Home Bamboo Sheets by Karen Neuburger. I jumped at the chance. They were luxury! And you know what caught my eye more than the word “luxury”? The fact that the sheets were made of bamboo. Bamboo is all the rage these days, because of the whole green factor—it can grow as much as a foot per day. But wow, there are all sorts of things I didn’t know about bamboo, such as:

Bamboo wicks away moisture, blocking bacteria growth and contains natural antibacterial properties. (It’s three times more resistant to bacteria than regular cotton.)

Bamboo does not require the use of pesticides, which great for the environment and anyone with allergies.

Some pretty cool facts for something you’d be sleeping on.

But I always wondered if bamboo clothing, sheets, etc., actually felt like. Was it scratchy and rough? Bamboo plants aren’t exactly the softest things in the world.

But things made from the plant can be the softest things in the world, as these sheets taught me. They were JUST what the doctor ordered after a long day at work. They were super silky, but not slippery like I imagine satin sheets would be like (I have never had satin sheets, so I don’t know, but I always remember this commercial when I think of them). And SO SOFT. KN makes some seriously soft sheets.

I loved them. Right up to the point O threw up on them (He kept waking up so I brought him to bed with me, and ta-da! puke on my new sheets). I threw them in the wash, and then put them right back on my bed the next night. Still feeling the love…

The Lowdown:

KN Luxury Home Bamboo Sheets by Karen Neuburger retail for $160 queen set; $180 king; often on sale for $69.99-$79.99. (Sale price for me, please!) The sheets are available at Bon-Ton department stores across the country and online at http://www.bonton.com/.

13 thoughts on “WMAG Reviews: KN Luxury Home Bamboo Sheets by Karen Neuburger

  1. susan sartell says:

    I was very disappointed with our bamboo sheets after the first time we used them. They started to pill almost immediately. I have never experienced pilling on a good set of sheets. We own Neuburger cotton sheet sets that are wonderful. Do you have any suggestions about how to get rid of the pilling or what causes it? Is there anything that the company will do to compensate us for these disappointing sheets?Thank you. P. S. As you know, these sheets [king size] were not cheap.

  2. Mine are also pilling!!! I plan on taking them back to the store.. which is sad because pre-pill they where AMAZING!

  3. I am looking for VERY heavy and thick cotton sheets by KN. Ay suggestions

  4. Kristy Herner says:

    These are the best sheets ever. And they only get better with age. I got my whole family to buy them. I say that they're like "sleeping in a bed of velvety yogurt". haha

  5. Shirley Walding? says:

    I love my KN bamboo sheets. They get softer after each use. I have had no pilling problem, but do have a few thoughts. 1) I always wash my sheets alone, no towels, etc in the load. 2) I have the old standard top loading washer. I did have a front loading one and had multiple problems with various fabrics. It seemed as though soft, silky fabrics got bludgeoned even set on low. Younkers used to carry them and don’t anymore. so now I need to find a source as I want more.

  6. Linda Bilsky says:

    I love my KN bamboo sheets. They do get softer with age and now am looking for another set but am having problems finding them at all. If anyone knows where I can find them please help me. I find they are the only sheets that breathe and keep you cool. So soft to the touch.
    Linda Bilsky

  7. I loved these sheets I bought maybe 2 years ago and now want another set and cannot find them anywhere (not even online)!! Any suggestions??

  8. Bamboo sheets are fantastic, so resilient and beautiful. No pilling, super soft, and a luxurious sleep. Awesome.

  9. I cannot find KN bamboo sheets anywhere. Any ideas??? Has anyone written to the company to see where they can be purchased? Help!!

  10. Annette Lynch says:

    I just got off the phone from Kaen Neuberger desparately looking for the bamboo sheets also. She made it vey clear, for reasons unknown to her, that product was discontinued and no longer available. She said there were numerous request fo them and she had toi give eveyone the same disappointing news. I bought 2 sets of Living Quarters bamboo sheets from Younkers and they are horrible. They keep on pilling. Karen Neuberger Rep. says ther is no way to prevent this, it will continue. So, I will wash the ones I presently have on my bed and return both sets tomorrow. She suggested Nothern Lighs sheets, except they ae not bamboo but very soft and comfortable. She also suggested, to keep googling and maybe somewhere, KN sheets may be in stoage. I have tied for days with no luck.

  11. I have had our bamboo sheets for 4yrs now. Often I wash n wear them the best same day. Can’t find them in Puerto Rico at any dept. Stores. Luv these sheets! Glad they still make them n sell them.

  12. I too fell in love with KN bamboo sheets. I know this list his over a year old but just wondering if anyone has found a comparable sheet? I’ve tried living quarters bamboo and mine pilled as well.

  13. I’ve had my sheets for over three years the Karen Newburger sheets with bamboo and they have never pilled on me. I believe the thread count was high. maybe they sold some with Lower thread count

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