WMAG Wants to Be on Alltop

Tela emails Sue: We NEED to get on Alltop. How do we even do it?

(One week later) Sue emails Tela back: I keep meaning to reply … we can email them with a “pitch.” They also said blogrolling them helps. Maybe we can write a pitch as a blog post on WMAG, and email them the link. What do you think?

Tela to Sue: Sounds good. We can make it all funny like The Bloggess. Or something. Guy seems to like funny blogs.

Sue to Tela: Oh, we’ll be funny alright. REAL funny.

Tela to Sue: What it we wrote it like some sort of conversation between us? Our conversations are real funny.

Sue to Tela: K

Tela to Sue: I know. We’ll make THIS conversation into the blog post. It’s funny, right? And shows how hard we “work.” I’m ON it.

One second later, before Sue can reply, Tela writes Sue again: I’m also ON FIRE.

Sue to Tela: Was it the sexual harassment training?

Tela to Sue: OK. This could go so many ways, but I’m not sure what you mean by that.

Sue to Tela: Bad joke. Sex harassment = on fire. I don’t know. Forget it.

Tela to Sue: I’m SO making this our blog post. Just wait. Also, I have no firey diseases, so don’t worry.

Sue to Tela: If this email thread is our post, shouldn’t we talk about why WMAG deserves to be Alltopped?

Tela to Sue: B/c we are FUNNY. Get it? Just wait. You can’t email anymore b/c I can’t keep up. It’s gotta be AUTHENTIC.

Sue to Tela: Fine.


So how about it Guy? We might not be as funny as The Bloggess, but we write good stuff. We also are ranked in the top 100,000 blogs ranked by Technorati, have had mentions in local, national, and international media, including the Wall Street Journal, Stars and Stripes, Miami Herald, Detroit Free Press, Kansas City Star, Portland Oregonian, The Mike and Juliet Show, and ABC News Now. Plus, we were named one of the Best Parenting and Family blogs by Real Simple magazine.

(Hmm, that’s kinda impressive. Maybe *you* should be asking us if we could be on your aggregator. I kid, I kid. And take it back! For reals.)

Can we be Alltopped? Please?

P.S. I don’t think Sue thought I was serious when I said I was going to post this. But I am. And I DID. Sorry, Sue.

P.P.S. Guy wrote and twittered me. (OK, ok, I wrote and twittered him first, but still *swoon*.) We made it to Alltop! See that badge to the right? That confirms it.


6 thoughts on “WMAG Wants to Be on Alltop

  1. T, I knew you were serious. You are ballz-to-the-wallz. What else would I expect?

  2. Ha! You guys definitely deserve it! I hope you get listed- loved reading your conversation 🙂

  3. You did it – at least that is what Guy is tweeting?

    I don’t see the button.

    It’s like Christmas morning. When are you giving your acceptance speeches, I mean posts?

  4. Kim Moldofsky says:

    Congrats. I just clicked over from Alltops, where I found..ahem… higher on the list than my blog. Do you think I could bribe Guy with some of my Camp Baby swag? Give him quadruple entries into my next blog giveaway?


  5. That’s incredible! Job well done!

  6. Jenny, the Bloggess says:

    YAY! You totally deserve it.

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