Woman’s Guide to Car Buying: 5 Tips to Empower Yourself

As more women are shopping for cars, they may encounter stereotypes or bias from car dealers. Follow this woman's guide to car buying to get the best deal.

By Ruby Davis

Within the last decade, the percentage of female drivers has been increasing both within the United States and globally. These women are actively seeking education on the subject of buying a car, obtaining financing and insurance, as well as eventually selling their automobile. However, as it happens with lots of spheres previously dominated by men, female drivers face lots of instances of being discriminated based on their gender and assumed lower level of knowledge of more complex technical issues.

This uncertainty as a woman in the car world led me to launch a car site called ChickDriven, to be the online woman’s guide to car buying and making the right car decisions. My own experience as a first-time car buyer left me feeling like I was taken for a ride. Even though I have an understanding of cars, I was caught up in the buying process and jumped into the purchase without doing proper research. I purchased a car with all the glitz and glamour, thought I had an amazing deal package but was delivered a car with the basic package and paid premium price. I think that car salespeople see a woman and they assume it’ll be easy to take advantage of her.

If you’re in the market for a new or used car, follow these 5 simple steps to ensure you don’t get taken for a ride:

As more women are shopping for cars, they may encounter stereotypes or bias from car dealers. Follow this woman's guide to car buying to get the best deal.

1. Be prepared

Before you walk into a dealership, know exactly what you want. Do you want a convertible, an SUV or are you a mom looking for something that will fit a stroller in the back? Knowledge is power. Do you want to buy the car outright or lease the car or maybe even finance the car?

Make this decision before you go car shopping and know your budget. If you walk into a car dealership umming and ahhing you might fall into the very well known trap where the salesperson thinks they can take advantage of you.

2. Get 3 quotes

Yes. It might take more time, but it gives you the power to know what price you should be paying and avoids you paying more than you should.

3. Negotiate

Even though there isn’t much room for negotiation on a lot of cars, if you don’t ask you don’t receive. Never be scared to ask for a better deal.

4. Don’t rush

Walk away and sleep on it. The salesperson may tell you if you don’t buy the car right then and there the price will go up or they might tell you someone else might purchase the car. While this may be true, it is better to consider all aspects of the car instead of rushing into something you didn’t really want or can’t afford.

5. Avoid the up-sell trap

Just because the salesperson tells you to get a more expensive car doesn’t mean you should. Salespeople are trained to get as much out of a sale as possible. If you don’t want extras, don’t be scared to say no.

Buying a new car can be a difficult process, but you can do it! Just remember to take a deep breath and take your time. It is never a good idea to buy a car the day you start looking, so take your time and don’t be afraid to walk away.

Ruby-Davis-ChickDrivenRuby Davis is the founder of ChickDriven.com, a website dedicated to helping women navigate the often confusing and overwhelming experience of car buying. ChickDriven is leading the way with honest, informative car reviews, advice about auto financing and insurance, and other helpful tools to choose the right car.

6 thoughts on “Woman’s Guide to Car Buying: 5 Tips to Empower Yourself

  1. Very helpful and relevant article. I’ve bought a few cars over the past couple years, and it’s best to be prepared about exactly which car you want and local market pricing. And don’t fall into the “sign this paper and I’ll talk to my finance manager” deal. Name your price, cite your market research, and let them figure it out. Be prepared to walk out. They will more than likely offer you a deal so they don’t lose you or they may contact you when they’re willing to move on price. Lastly, it’s best to go car shopping at the end of the month– salespeople have monthly quotas that they are desperate to meet at the end of the month.

    Kiki Crabapple

  2. Befriend a mechanic. Go to one of those smaller shops – learn his/her name, and go there as often as possible. (oil changes, wiper blades, that little rattling sound, etc.)

    When you’re buying your next car, you’ll have someone in your corner that can look at the vehicle before purchase and tell you if it’s a good deal. Not to mention, they’ll be more inclined to tell you that the “$500 repair you need” to get the car running can also be performed by adjusting a few bolts – on the house. 🙂 -be sure to tip!

  3. I definitely think it is good to take time to figure out what you want. I recently purchased an SUV, and I spent months comparing different SUVs to make sure I got everything I wanted in a vehicle within the price range I had set. I also spent time comparing loan rates with the banks to ensure I got the best rate. Great tips, thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for these great tips on buying your first car. They are even beneficial for guys or kids who need to go through the process. The tip you stated that I most agree with is not to rush. I also want to add to set your price range and stick to it. Like you said– avoid the up-sell trap! Eventually, something will come along that fits all of your expectations.

  5. I agree with your tip about getting three quotes to compare against one another when in the market for a car. When I was in the process of buying a car, I did my research for several months, comparing quotes, talking to dealerships, and friends that loved the cars they had. It took a while but in the end, I loved the car I settled on and the price was right for me, as well.

  6. You can use a car inspection services near you to avoid fraud. All the tips mention above a women or men should kept in mind while buying a used car. One thing that is interesting in this article which use as an advice from the writer is just don’t rush to anything.

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