Won’t Someone Think of Jennifer Garner?


The other night, I settled in for a guilty-pleasure reading of the latest People magazine. And I almost snorted Dr. Pepper through my nose when I saw this photo. Check out the caption: “Jennifer Garner: Another working mom trying to hold it all together.”

Ah, yes. Poor Jennifer. She certainly does have that “Just worked nine hours, picked my child up from the sitter’s and need to nuke a pizza” look about her, doesn’t she? It’s hard coordinating two nannies, a personal chef, a team of stylists, and a driver, yo.

(Disclaimer: I don’t know for certain that Jennifer Garner has two nannies, a personal chef, a team of stylists, and a driver, but I do know she has a facialist, because she said so in the corresponding article. Dude, I’m happy some mornings if I can just get some moisturizer on my mug.)

Now, I know she had nothing to do with that caption. And I’m sure making movies is hard work. But come on, People writers. Jennifer Garner is just “another working mom?”

Wait a minute. There goes my guilt-o-meter. Am I contributing to the “Mommy Wars” by ribbing a magazine for putting a loaded celebrity alongside harried, money-strapped little old me? Jennifer Garner has enough dough that she probably could choose not to work if she wanted. I celebrate her choice to soldier on with stardom. And far be it from me to assume that she doesn’t have days when she’s away from her little one more than she would like to be. Everybody’s life has challenges, and we can’t know what they are until we’ve walked a red carpet in their Jimmy Choo stillettos.

But seriously. No, seriously. I don’t bear Jennifer Garner any ill will. She *is* a working mom, and more power to her! I guess I’m just a little jealous. And amused. Even if you think I’m full of bull for giving her a hard time, you have to admit – that caption *is* funny!

5 thoughts on “Won’t Someone Think of Jennifer Garner?

  1. I would hate to be a celebrity and a mother. I would not only think the long hours on set would be horrible but also dealing with the media. I have watched video clips on TMZ.com (don’t judge me) of papparazzii(spelling) chasing celebrities down the highway trying to get shots of them and their families. I think Reese Witherspoon even sued a media outlet for child endagerment.

    But. Saying all that, your post made me laugh. I would love to have some of the resources she has access too. Bring on the maid and on call sitters…..

  2. You’re right, nkygal, being a celeb brings lots of challenges, and many seem to be not so good for kids. Also, I’m being a little outrageous here – I’ve spent time on film sets and have seen that it can be grueling work. So I give Jennifer Garner her props. I’d just love to have a couple of her millions and access to a few of those designer gowns!

  3. I think it’s funny. It reminds me of that one section of Us magazine (I think that’s the one), “Celebrities are just like us.” Then they show some photos of Pam Anderson pumping gas with a caption like “They pump their own gas!” It always gives me a good laugh. Ah… no they’re not just like us. I’m not pumping gas into a Mercedes Benz!

    And Jennifer Garner is not just “another working mom.” She is a very fortunate working mom who doesn’t have to worry about “holding it all together.” Many working moms are just getting by in life and just earning enough money to feed their kids. Now that’s holding it together!

  4. Ever since the Today Show did that piece a few weeks ago about the Moms who enjoy an adult beverage at their kids’ playdates, the Mommie Wars have heated up – the Today Show just yesterday did a follow up on the topic.

    What kills me is the thought that so many Moms are just “electing” to continue working. In our family it ain’t a choice if we want to eat on a regular basis.

    I wonder sometimes what I would do if I could choose to stay at home full time? As I prepare to have our taxes done this year, I won’t have to debate the issue anytime soon.

    I wanted to send an e-mail to all the folks that think us working Moms have all these choices and enlighten them.

    Do you ever wonder if those same folks who would rather harvest a kidney than put their kid in the hands of daycare or a sitter think I don’t even have the right to mother if I can’t quit working to do so??

    I’m feeling a little self-pity today, missing my baby and wishing I had more options…I’m sure you can all relate!

  5. oh, i tried to feel sorry for jennifer garner, and to feel some sort of kinship with her as a working mom. but i couldn’t. my bet is that she’s not the one holding it all together. it’s being held together by someone else while she’s working.

    maybe i’m naive and jealous, but i have to agree with the sentiment of the original post.

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