Working Mom Confessions

Why does society make women feel bad about liking to work? Or sending their children to daycare? Surely, we're not alone in these working mom confessions.

I love being a mother, but you know what else I love? My job. Given the choice between staying home full-time, and working outside the home, I would pick working.

There, I said it.

“But, how could you pick anything over spending time with your children?!”

“Why would you have children if you don’t want to spend time with them?”

These are just a few of the responses I’ve prepared myself for, following this post. And these responses to my working mom confessions, whether spoken (or written, in this case), or imagined, are the reasons why I keep many of my thoughts regarding working motherhood to myself.

Not long after I went back to work. My daughter was still adjusting.
Not long after I went back to work. Tired, but happy. Can you guess which one is my spirited child?

A year ago, I spent nine months home with my toddler; four of those months were spent with a newborn and a toddler. My husband was working crazy hours at the time, so it was more or less all mom, all the time. We had some fun, the kids and I, but truthfully, I didn’t like who I became when I was home full-time; I was irritable, restless, and didn’t like being financially dependent on someone else, especially since my income was sorely needed.

During my temporary stint as a stay-at-home-mom, and the months that followed, I learned that I am a much better mother to my children, and a better partner to husband, when I work outside the home. I am more patient, I spend the time I have with my children more wisely, and knowing we’ll have enough money to cover the rent is nice, too.

Here are some of my other “working mom confessions.” Maybe some of you can relate?

I think daycare is awesome.

My children love going to their daycare center; they learn, create art, play with their friends, and are doted on by their teachers. I take time each morning (when I’m not running late) and afternoon to talk to the teachers, so I know them well. Some say taking children to daycare, or hiring a sitter, is akin to “leaving the kids with strangers.” Not so, friends. In my family’s case, our children’s teachers are just an extension of our village. They’re family.

Messy house
This is hard to address with small children affixed to my legs.

Speaking of daycare…

I take the kids on days I have off (sometimes).

I have to pay for childcare whether my children attend or not, so I may as well use the service I’m paying for, right? Maybe some of you are lucky enough to have children who allow you to do things at home. Mine do not. Folded laundry quickly becomes a pile strewn across the floor; my attempt to wash dishes results in my 1-year-old wailing to “see,” and pulling at my legs. I use my “stay home days” to get the house in order, so I’m not up all night cleaning. A well-rested mom equals a happier, more patient mom.

I feel that I’m setting a good example for my children by working outside the home.

One of the things I hope my children learn by seeing me go to work each day, is that it is possible for a woman to have a fulfilling, professional career, as well as a family. By this, I don’t mean that women who stay home to raise children are any less of a positive example for children; it takes a strong woman to spend her days cultivating respectful, responsible people. What I think I’m teaching my children by working, or what I hope I’m teaching them, is that women have options.

My office. Also known as my little slice of quiet heaven.
My office. Also known as my little slice of quiet heaven.

Sometimes, I look forward to Monday.

My children and I have fun, and share a lot of cuddles and snuggles on the weekends. But I’m not gonna lie, when Monday comes, peeing alone is nice, and a lunch sans screaming and spilled milk can feel quite spa-like.

Any of these sound familiar? Is there anything you’re hesitant to admit as a working mom? I would love to hear your working mom confessions!

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12 thoughts on “Working Mom Confessions

  1. Great post, Kristi!! I agree with it all.

    1. Thanks, Sara! Glad I’m not the only one! 🙂

  2. Really well put. All are true for us as well.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kristi, since I’ve known you for 20 some odd years, I can totally see your heart in this. You’ve always had a great work ethic (enstowed by your Mom Robin). You have 2 well-adjusted and loved children. I believe that is the most important thing! Keep up the confessions. They’re very inspiring.

  4. Kathryn Badger says:

    All of this is perfectly true! Thank you for putting it down on paper!

  5. My confession is that I work 2 jobs, one full time and one part time, and when people ask why I always say it’s because we need the money, but honestly, I could quit the part time job and still have plenty of money. I do it because I crave the socializing and I like being able to say I work 2 jobs.

  6. Christine says:

    This totally resonates with me! I actually left my FT job almost a year ago, I have a 5 and 7 YO. Everyone thought I left to stay at home, but honestly I disliked my job and the negative energy around me and the way the people broke me down. I’m happy to be away from that environment but I want to work and many don’t understand why I would not continue to stay home. I’m working on something that will work for me and my family, but staying at home FT is not the fulfilling path for me.

  7. I love your blog ! I relate to it so much. Please keep writing.

  8. Totally! I love Mondays. I love having a cup of tea that is hot and uninterrupted at my desk. I love our daycare and the teachers – they are wayyyy more patient than I am. And no one ever asks my husband why he works. The only time I don’t like working is when my kids are sick. I always want to be the one home with them but I can’t always be and my husband has a more flexible job so he stays home with them.

  9. I love this! I have had my own graphic design business for 15 years so I can’t imagine not having a creative outlet: It’s what makes me “Me.” And now that my son is 4.5, he’s starting to be more interested in what I do. I share my work with him and ask his opinion (“it’s good!”)

  10. This was very true for me. When I had my regular 9-5, I did daycare on my days off. Partly because I was already paying for it, but also partly because.. Why not? I also looked forward to going back to work after a holiday weekend when daycare was closed. Totally with you on this one!

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