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I don’t know if it’s the lame music selection in my office lately, or the blah-ness of the weather, but I have been seeking some auditory inspiration while I work and drive.

Meanwhile, the latest iOS update added a Podcasts icon to my iPhone’s home screen, which I felt compelled to fill up with some wicked awesome podcasts for working moms. What can I say? I AM HOOKED.

Here are the six podcasts I’ve been digging. Maybe you will, too.

Working mom of four and marketing maven Maria Bailey launched



1. Working Motherhood

My very favorite working-mom podcast is Working Motherhood. This daily podcast, hosted by Dr. Portia Jackson, features interviews with today’s most successful and inspiring working moms—from CEOs and teachers to entrepreneurs and cashiers. Each episode is full of great tips, conversation and food for the working mom’s soul.

During the 30-minute podcast, the spotlighted working mother shares her journey about her career and her family, provides insights on how they manage their responsibilities, discusses tools that help them, and talks about any advice they’ve received that has helped them achieve success. Each show wraps with a five-question “Overtime” that pulls priceless nuggets of information from these successful members of the Working Motherhood to inspire and encourage listeners and fans.

Some interviews I particularly recommend:

  • Emily Seamone – Negotiating flexibility at work
  • Susan Wenner Jackson – Maximizing your strengths (shameless plug!)
  • Kristin Clermont – Practicing the art of flexibility

Bottom line: Listening to Portia’s chat with interesting working moms is like sitting in a room for kindred spirits you haven’t met yet.

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2. Working Mother Radio

Of course we’re already fans of Working Mother online and in print. Now you can listen, too, thanks to Working Mother Radio. This weekly show is hosted by a working mother of two, Bettina Bush, who brings the pages of Working Mother to life in the studio and on the road.

You’ll hear advice from leading experts on your child’s health issues and your own. You can also learn how to eat healthy, stay fit and manage stress. Plus, Working Mother Radio discusses career strategies, books, new gadgets and more. Like Working Mother itself, Working Mother Radio is mentor, role model and advocate for the country’s more than 17 million moms who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers.

Segments from recent Working Mother Radio podcasts you might enjoy:

  • What’s your worth? Dr. Tracey Wilen gives tips for negotiating a higher salary.
  • Balancing Act: Why communication is the key to a happy balance of work and home.
  • Advancing Equality: One woman’s personal journey to combat discrimination against LGBT people in the work force.

Bottom Line: If you enjoy Working Mother the magazine, you’ll also like the radio-format version, chock-full of quality content with a lively, professional host at the helm.

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3. Beyond Burnout

Dr. Tracey Marks is a psychiatrist in private practice who treats busy working moms for various issues including relationships. She recently launched a podcast called Beyond Burnout to give health, wellness and relationship tips to working moms.

What I like about Beyond Burnout is the focus on providing value and educating women. She also recommends her podcast to her patients, so it’s kind of like getting a little free therapy while you listen. She’s worked with numerous women struggling to balance their life and work, while also overcoming burnout, anxiety, depression, and other stress-related issues. Dr. Marks also specializes in sleeping problems and often appears on major prime-time television to discuss important sleep-related issues.

While BB is a fairly new podcast, here are some episodes I recommend:

  • 25 Creative Ways To Have A Family Night
  • How To Deal With A Withdrawn Teen
  • How To Slow an Overactive Mind

Bottom line: Give yourself some time on the therapist’s couch (without actually having to go to an appointment), and get some advice to avoid burnout at home and work.

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4. One Bad Mother

When you need a good laugh, One Bad Mother comes through in a big way. Hosted by stay-at-home mom Biz Ellis and part-time working mom Theresa Thorn, this comedy podcast addresses motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. Join Biz and Theresa every week as they deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging and more laughing.

Besides the hilarious convos between the two hosts, you can also listen in on their chats with the likes of John Hodgeman and discussing topics such as the zombie apocalypse, memory hoarding, teething and our favorite, mom guilt. Be forewarned that One Bad Mother is marked as “explicit” on iTunes due the profanity bandied about by this sweet, funny ladies. Doesn’t bother me in the least, but if you’re offended by such things (or around your kids), you might want to avoid this podcast.

Recent episodes of One Bad Mother to check out:

  • Forgiving Ourselves, plus guests Dave and Abby Shumka
  • Me, Myself & I…and My Baby, plus guest Lisa Mourgess
  • Finding The Time To Talk, plus guest Shaun Wiley

Bottom line: Take a break from stressing out with the comedic approach to motherhood of two smart, f*%$ing hilarious ladies and their friends.

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5. Lifehacks for Working Moms with Megan Strand

Here’s a great podcast to help you overcome the overwhelm, embrace the chaos, and cultivate a life you love. Lifehacks for Working Moms listeners love the no-nonsense suggestions from down-to-Earth people, instead of more unobtainable “Martha”-like ideas that make you feel like a failure when you run out of steam to do them.

Megan Strand is a project manager, creative marketer, and proponent of authentic communication. Currently the director of communications for Cause Marketing Forum, Strand is passionate about spotlighting, connecting, and supporting businesses that are doing well by doing good.

Sample some recent Lifehacks for Working Moms episodes:

  • Encouraging (and Troubleshooting) Your Child’s Healthy Speech Development
  • Personal Finance Strategies that Actually Work with Mindy Crary
  • Hacks to Organize, Manage and Enjoy Your Photos with Photojojo’s Laurel Sittig

Bottom line: Tune in to Lifehacks for Working Moms when you’re in need of real-life strategies from experts who can help you tackle your mom life’s big (and little) challenges.

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6. Mom Talk Radio

Working mom of four and marketing maven Maria Bailey launched Mom Talk Radio in 2001 long before podcasting, iPods or online radio became hip. In fact, Mom Talk Radio is the first nationally syndicated radio show for moms. Through a partnership with Radio America, Mom Talk Radio airs on over 40 stations.

Each weekly podcast of the Mom Talk Radio show features news, guests and topics of interest to moms—not exclusively work or career-related topics, but more general-interest mom stuff. I’ve had the opportunity to be a roundtable guest on Maria’s show several times, and I can attest that it’s a lively, informed chat with a range of interesting people.

A few examples of recent show topics:

  • Making Lunchbox Meals Fun & Easy
  • Tips for a Happier Family
  • How Our Emotions Wreak Havoc on Our Health

Bottom line: Mom Talk Radio provides informative, professionally produced tips and discussion of mom-related topics.

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6 thoughts on “Top Podcasts for Working Moms

  1. These podcast are great! Here’s a new one I am excited about and it’s launching this week. The 43 Percent, hosted by Claudia Reuter, moves past the lean in or lean out debate to follow the more nuanced paths of real women juggling career and family.

    Stories that showcase the many phases, changes, and forms our careers, lives, and families take. Listen anywhere you get your podcasts! #podcasting #leanin #leanout #workingmom #startup

  2. Feel free to check out Mama Said So! Podcast on SoundCloud as well!

  3. Nancey M. Stephen says:

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  5. Babas and Blazers says:

    Great list! Also check out Babas and Blazers on Spotify, Amazon Music, and Google Podcasts! @babasandblazers on Instagram.

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