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I saw all the stories pop up about a recent study showing that kids of working moms are more likely to have unhealthy habits. But I ignored them, because blah blah blah, it’s just one more damn typical media story that heaps guilt on working moms for no good reason. DON’T NEED IT, PEOPLE!

Then I was pleasantly surprised by a roundtable discussion of the study, led by Juju Chang on Good Morning America this weekend. Four intelligent, professional working moms have the chance to chime in on the study’s results, with Juju (a working mom of three) as moderator. They didn’t have any earth-shattering conclusions (basically, they called BS on the study), but I appreciated the way GMA treated the topic and the opportunity for real moms to have their say.

GMA, if you ever need another working mom’s view on a story, email me. I give good quotes. Just ask CNN.

3 thoughts on “Working Mom Roundtable on GMA

  1. selfmademom says:

    Hi- just catching up on your very exciting new life here- great quote and posts! hope all's well.

  2. I'm looking for a blog just like this. The recent study sucks. One thing they didn't talk about closely was how the kids fared with a SAHD. My husband stays home & I think the kids are doing great. As far as guilt, I'm full of it. I hate that he's home with them all day & seeing things I don't. I wish I could enjoy the things he does. If our finances were different, would I stay home – NO WAY! He's a special person that he can handle it, and I'm not that person. I like getting away during the day & having adult conversation. I'm starting to blog about the working mom w/ SAHD at Come visit me. I'm looking for people in the same boat I am with the SAHD.

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